In 1890, the city built a trolley railway going through University Heights. Once the railway was up and running, John D. Spreckles anticipated ways to encourage people to use it.  One of his incentives was to build a 5 acre botanical garden, free to all ticket-holding passengers.  The garden was built on the far west end of Adams ave &

Since our original posting of the Rum Runners Cave there have been a number of comments seeking to prove it was a Prohibition-era booze smuggling center and others refuting that claim.  While it may never be known exactly what went on here during those years, the truth appears to be that what remains here are remnants of an amazing construction project undertaken

Being new to Instagram myself, I was honored when asked to co-host one of San Diego's worldwide Instameets. An Instameet is an Instagram meet-up with fellow Instagramers. We decided to hold it at Broken Hill in Torrey Pines since many people do not know this beautiful spot exists. The purpose of an Instagram meet-up is to meet and greet, make

Recently our plans to hike were potentially thwarted by some unexpected rainfall. More often than not, the sight of rain means one is to retreat into the safety of their home. I challenge you to embrace these moments though as some of the most magical experiences can happen when the sky is wet. I'd like to share our adventure last

For you north county folks (Mira Mesa to Vista let’s say). Have you ever wondered where the hundreds and hundreds of crows are flying to every evening? Wonder no longer because we’ve got you covered. Kit Carson Park is one huge nest. You can watch the wonder unfold every evening as they all circle around and into the trees. It’s

Until the late 80’s, Scripps Ranch was considered nothing more than an out-of-the-way town. Before the suburban boom, Scripps Ranch was originally a 400 acre ranch owned by E.W. Scripps whom later expanded it to 1,200 acres. Edward Scripps was was an American newspaper publisher and founder of The E. W. Scripps Company. In 1898, Scripps finished building a home in

Article, Photos & Research by David Johnson: The Cara Knott Murder and the San Diego Crime Victims Oak Garden The 1986 murder of twenty year-old Cara Knott by California Highway Patrol Office Craig Peyer was a case that shook the San Diego region like an earthquake. It frightened women young and old, it horrified parents who wanted to believe their daughters were

Bulldog Rock & Caves See page here I was pretty shocked when I learned of caves in this area. I have been visiting the area below for years with no clue of the world above. The hike to the caves is family and dog-friendly but the actual caves and rock-exploring is pretty dangerous. I would absolutely not recommend any children and definitely

Next up on the list of native plants with medicinal and/or culinary benefits is Stinging Nettle! First of all, this little plant has a huge attitude problem! I have had more than a couple incidences with it and let me tell you, it has quite a sting! That  will turn many people away from ever learning how amazing this plant actually

Fennel has had a rich history since the ancient days, being revered by the Greeks and the Romans for its medicinal and culinary properties and even spiritual powers. Although originally found only in Europe, today fennel is used and grown throughout the world. We are very fortunate to have this herb growing wild in San Diego. Fennel belongs to the Umbellifereae

Any urban explorer would agree that dams rank high up there in terms of urban adventure. Not only do they have historical value but their unique architecture makes them easy to admire aesthetically. Dams are generally not safe to explore, but if you feel brave enough, here are our Top 5 Favorite dams of San Diego:   Lake Hodges Dam See page here Lake

The Mustard plant is one that has been around since the Hellenistic and Roman time. However, it is not known when the mustard plant was domesticated. The domestication process is thought to have started in Western Asia and even in parts of Europe. The reason the domestication is thought to have started here is because the mustard plants relatives were

If you've ever explored any of the creeks or rivers in San Diego, you may have spotted wild mint growing along the edges of the water. Mint can be easily identified by its scent, which we should all recognize either from our toothpaste or mint gum! Crush it in your fingers and give it a smell. You should immediately be

Let’s talk about poison oak for a second. Do you know how to identify it? What if you already have it. Do you know what natural remedies actually  work? I would like to start off by saying I am a special breed. I know darn well what poison oak looks like but I still tend to venture into it if the

Staying true to tradition, I would like to share our Top 5 San Diego Adventures of 2014! These are not necessarily the most thrill-seeking or dangerous, just the most memorable of the year:   Arroyo Tapiado Mud Caves Page The mud caves had been on my radar for quite some time, but it’s the kind of place that should only be visited in cool

Abandoned Homes of Hellhole Canyon Page This was one of those spots that I had been shown many, many years ago before I had even created this website. I knew that it had to be included on here even though I wasn’t able to give the best directions. Very quickly this became one of my most popular pages and I was constantly


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