Hidden San Diego offers customized road trips! Learn more HERE.      We just got back from our annual Jeep trip through Funki Adventures which are always SO much fun!!  This is such a unique way to see parts of California that many of us may not be able to reach in our regular vehicles. You can see last year's adventure here. Funki Adventures

It breaks my heart having to automatically add this spot to my Lost History section, but unfortunately by the time this article is live, the Trasher House will be on its way to demolition. This isn't the only special back-yard spectacle I have visited in the past. This reminds of the Mud Huts in Alpine and the enraging way the county

Article by David Johnson The mid-air collision of a small private plane and a Pacific Southwest Airlines (PSA) jetliner in the skies above North Park September morning in 1978 shattered San Diego like no single incident has before or since. Wars, terrorist attacks and political assassinations have had a far greater impact on the country as a whole, but this was


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