We recently got the opportunity to attend one of Mainly Mozart's outdoor symphonies in Del Mar. For 30 years, the Mainly Mozart All-Star Orchestra has been home to the largest gathering of Concertmasters and Principal Players in the United States. In 2020, Mainly Mozart became the first arts organization in the United States to produce a live orchestral concert series in

Hidden San Diego offers customized road trips! Learn more HERE.      We just got back from our annual Jeep trip through Funki Adventures which are always SO much fun!!  This is such a unique way to see parts of California that many of us may not be able to reach in our regular vehicles. You can see last year's adventure here. Funki Adventures

We just had the most satisfying and unique experience at one of traveling chef Kenneth Anderson's pop-up dinners through his company Kreation Event Services. I have so much respect for Kenneth and his team after what we witnessed last night.  The attention to detail, the hustle, the amount of class and top-notch customer service all played into our wonderful evening. The

A couple months ago we partnered with CampDads on a contest through our Instagram page. CampDads is a guided off-road adventure company that leads you through rough terrain in one of their overland vehicle. They offer various experiences that navigate you through seasonal creeks, sandy washes, rocky slopes, and/or flat desert trails. The owner invited us to experience one of their

Last night was the preview party for Wonderspaces which officially opens today, June 7th! How lucky we are to have such a unique, interactive exhibition here in San Diego. Photos and words cannot fully describe the experience you will have here as it has so many layers. These photos are only showcasing a handful of the exhibits and keep in mind

Last month I co-hosted a meet-up with Rove gear shop at Rattlesnake Mountain.  I wanted to take everyone on hike that was beautiful & historic but also filled with wildflowers and a nice dose of adventure!  The turnout was overwhelming.  We counted 50 people before heading out!  It is so much fun to meet my followers and to see such

If you've ever visited downtown San Diego, it's near impossible to not know about the Cabrillo bridge which takes you through Balboa Park on highway 163.  Aside from the Coronado bridge, I would say this is our most well-known bridge, and rightfully so.  Ever since I saw footage of inside the bridge I have been dying to go inside.  More recently

Yesterday we attended Picturepartay to support Pacificyo and his cloud installation. This event was a lot more than I expected though! It was kind of like a low budget Wonderspaces with different photo booths to take awesome pictures as well as a great fashion show and musical performances afterward. Can’t wait for their next event. Make sure to give them a follow!  

We finally began a project we have been dreaming up for years in which we take different local musicians to hidden spots in San Diego to shine their magic! The first spot we visited was Eagle Rock in Warner Springs.  This rock is other-worldly, shaped in the perfect formation of an Eagle which was created by heavy winds over thousands

Here is where you can learn about our past Scavenger Hunts and the winners who found the lucky eggs! After dreaming this up for several years, we have finally begun our scavenger hunts! You can sign up for the hunts on THIS PAGE and learn all about the awesome prizes you can win!  Below is a list of the scavenger hunts

Being new to Instagram myself, I was honored when asked to co-host one of San Diego's worldwide Instameets. An Instameet is an Instagram meet-up with fellow Instagramers. We decided to hold it at Broken Hill in Torrey Pines since many people do not know this beautiful spot exists. The purpose of an Instagram meet-up is to meet and greet, make

Recently our plans to hike were potentially thwarted by some unexpected rainfall. More often than not, the sight of rain means one is to retreat into the safety of their home. I challenge you to embrace these moments though as some of the most magical experiences can happen when the sky is wet. I'd like to share our adventure last

Let’s talk about poison oak for a second. Do you know how to identify it? What if you already have it. Do you know what natural remedies actually  work? I would like to start off by saying I am a special breed. I know darn well what poison oak looks like but I still tend to venture into it if the


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