Interactive Fox & Wolf Experience

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Interactive Fox & Wolf Experience

JAB Canid Conservation Center

PO BOX 671


Phone: 760-224-9392

Dog-Friendly: No    Kid-Friendly: Yes

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JABCECC’s mission: Promoting Animal Conservation through Education, Animal Assisted Therapy Programs, and Compassionate Research built upon our Guiding Principles. We accomplish this through educational seminars, meet and greet animal encounters, conducting research to be published in peer reviewed journals, and collaborating with others that share our vision. We partner with other organizations, universities, individuals, foundations, and corporations that can improve the lives of canids and humans through the human-canid relationship.

Personal Experience:  This is not the first time that I’ve visited JAB Canid Conservation Center, but this was the first time that I got to visit a wolf while here!  Their latest furry friend goes by the name Lucan, and is a 4 month old wolf pup!

Lucan still had a lot of his puppy energy, acting just like a dog pup to me.  The mannerisms were near identical to me.  What the JAB team is doing is incredible.  They had literally just gotten back a couple nights before from a fur farm rescue in the midwest where they rescued 30 foxes from being euthanized (anally electrocuted).  The reason for the euthanizations ranged between the of fox being of an older age or that their pelt was not of high enough quality.

I was told that the fox’s living situations were that of what nightmares would be made up of and that the animals were all terrified.  They are all currently in quarantine. The JAB team did keep one of the sweet foxes who hopefully we will be able to visit one day.  I was told she had one of her ears completely chewed off from either a stressed out sibling or even her mom.

JAB is the kinds of place that we should all get behind in supporting.  Not only are you giving back to such a great cause by visiting (or donating), but they make it an interactive experience for the guest where you can actually play and touch the creatures.

It is a one-of-a-kind experience and it’s in our own backyard in Santa Ysabel!  JAB is currently open during COVID for private encounters and tours.  I highly recommend this experience!


Here’s Lucan!

Such a happy little guy:

You also get to hang out with New Guinea Singing Dogs!  This sweet one was SUPER jealous of the new wolf and made her stance very clear with the saddest wails I’ve ever heard!

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