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Kreation Event Services Pop-Up Dinner

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We just had the most satisfying and unique experience at one of traveling chef Kenneth Anderson’s pop-up dinners through his company Kreation Event Services. I have so much respect for Kenneth and his team after what we witnessed last night.  The attention to detail, the hustle, the amount of class and top-notch customer service all played into our wonderful evening.

The intimate event paired us up with strangers which helped create fresh dialogue and take us out of our comfort zones. While hanging out with our new friends we got to enjoy a 5-course meal inspired by the chef’s Southern roots. Between each course, the chef came out and spoke to us about what we would be eating and the inspirations behind it.  These personal touches made this event outweigh any regular dining experience by far.

When we first arrived we started off by making our way to the cocktail bar.  There were some really unique ingredients in each drink!

My first drink had watermelon and Peruvian peppercorn in it and you could definitely taste it!  I’ve written about this peppercorn before in my Wild & Edible section which can be found here!  My partner’s drink had chocolate cherry with honey!

The first course of the evening was a char grilled oyster. The oyster had garlic parmesan topped with lemon air on a gold half shell.  One bite in and I knew we were in for some SERIOUSLY good food! Pair that with my peppercorn drink and the bonfire crackling behind me…I was in heaven!

The second course was Creole spiced shrimp on top of 3 cheese creamy grits in a pool of lobster butter sauce topped with Tasso ham and smoked tomatoes.  This was probably my favorite course of the evening but it is so hard to decide!

The next course was a really unique touch as it was intended as a palate cleanser to prepare us for our entrée. It was a homemade sorbet with black tea. Such subtle and unique flavors.   

I should note that my camera battery died before the event even happened! It was set to some mode keeping it on all day when usually it shuts off after a minute.  I was SOOO bummed!  So all of these were taken with my phone.  Regardless, here is a shot of Chef Kenneth talking about our next plate and the inspirations behind it:

The drink in my hand was a creamy coffee cocktail with culinary sage.  So aromatic!

Below are shots of the main entrée and dessert.  The entrée was a hot fried quail with a golden egg filled with truffle potato espuma. It was topped with brioche and pancetta bread crumbs and shaved black truffle.  I should note I’m pescatarian and didn’t eat the quail but was told it was delicious. My bf ate it for me!  Eating gourmet mashed potatoes out of an egg that’s been painted with edible gold was a first for me!

The dessert were New Orleans praline-stuffed beignets. They came with a shot of chicory coffee, sweet cream ice cream, bourbon & hickory chip-soaked cherries and spiced brûlée, bananas.  Yum!!

Thank you for creating such a memorable meal!  This is how it should be when you dine out.  A full-bodied experience you will remember over time!

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