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Coordinates: 32.821045, -117.278949  Just park on the street and walk down the trail!  Googlemaps is saying the address is 6200 Camino de la Costa.

 Check the tide chart for low tide as it’s essential to enter this hidden beach!


(Hidden California)


Coordinates of where to park: 33.480150, -117.142292

Coordinates to oasis: 33.464823, -117.159160

Tips: You will have to cross the river at some point to get to this spot.  We crossed it as quickly as possible because there was an easy spot to get across.  Look for landmarks such as a treehouse.  Just keep following the path and river for about 15 minutes.  Eventually the river will get much wider.  You will notice when you have arrived as it is just stunning!



Please be advised that you absolutely do not want to explore the mud caves within 48 after it has rained.  It is extremely dangerous.  Be safe!

Coordinates: 32.922976, -116.185328

Directions: The caves are located in the southern part of the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.

·       Follow I-8 E to County Rte S2/N Imperial Hwy in Ocotillo. Take the Imperial Hwy exit from I-8 E

·       Continue on County Rte S2. Drive to Arroyo Tapiado in San Diego County

·       Turn left onto County Rte S2/N Imperial Hwy

·       Continue onto Great Southern Overland Stage Route

·       Turn right onto Vallecito Creek Rd.

·       Sharp left onto Arroyo Tapiado (destination is on your left side)

These are dirt roads with street signs that are literally camouflaged with the desert surroundings.  It’s very hard to read the signs so keep your eyes peeled.  I do not recommend entering this area at night.  Come during the day and get situated when you can see your surroundings.  Do not going in the summer either.  This is a desert and it gets HOT HOT HOT.

You will literally be out in the middle of nowhere so come prepared.  Always pack more than enough.  Pack at least enough for 1 extra day in case your car breaks down or something else goes wrong.  I explain more thoroughly on the page.

I took one landmark photo which I have attached.  It is not an actual street intersection out there but was planted there.  It says Hollywood & Vine st.  It will be on your left side.  Keep following the road.  You’re on the right track if you find that sign!



Where to Park: 33.172327, -117.077386 Park in this dirt lot and then walk up the asphalt to the trailhead.  This is the same road that leads to the Deer Park Buddhist Monastary.

Trailhead: 33.173184, -117.075385  There is a trail that leads you all the way to the rock.  Just head up hill to the coordinates of the destination.

Coordinates: 33°10'20.4"N 117°04'16.4"W



Please keep in mind that this is no longer an exploratory mine as the city sealed the majority of the caves in.  This spot is mostly for historical reference.

Park here: 32.823964, -117.015839  The dirt road ends and you will then walk over the gate.  This area is open to hikers.

“Waterfall”:  You will not walk far at all.  Keep your eyes peeled on the right side for all the rocks, tiny pond and possibly a small waterfall if there’s been enough rain.  You will enter here and begin walking up the hill on the other side of it.  Look out for no trespassing signs.

Coordinates: 32.822921, -117.015256

Cooridnates to Caves: 32.822617, -117.015728



Trailhead if you have 4wheel drive: 32.633538, -116.095981

Trailhead if you have no 4-wheel drive:32.641033, -116.105034

Smuggler's Cave: 32.635576, -116.092645

This is a cold weather adventure as it is out in the desert.  That climb is no joke if you do not have the proper vehicle.  It would most likely be bad news for you and your car if you attempt it.  We were shown this spot to a local of the area and he warned us of drug smugglers that still go through this area.  Be very careful if you decide to venture out here.



Where to Park: Spindrift dr. as close to the Marine Room Restaurant as possible

Trailhead: 32.852016, -117.260784  Coordinates to cave: 32.848838, -117.267916

The trailhead is in a small walkway that leads to the beach on the side of the Marine Room.  Head south from there.  You will come across several other impressive sea caves along your way.  You can ONLY enter the White Lady Cave during extreme low tide so please check the tide chart beforehand.  You are looking for something around -1.5 and lower to enter.



Intersection: The cave is located below the intersection Sunset Cliffs Blvd. & Froude St.

You will park in this parking lot: 32.730140, -117.256561

Update: The hole to climb in has been sealed by the city.  Yet another reason why the member’s section exists.

Your only option now is to climb down the small cliff.  Sometimes there’s a rope to climb down but the last time I went it had been removed.  Go down the cliff and then go right.  You’ll have to walk over some rocks.  If the tide is low enough you can walk into the cave.  Be extremely wise about your decision whether or not to enter as this can easily get dangerous.  Do not risk your life for your own well-being and also to not get this place shut down.  It needs to be extreme low tide, as in, the tide needs to be in the negatives.  This is a trip you usually need to take in winter for the tide to be low enough.

The cave itself is dangerous too.  Make sure your shoes have good traction.  Bring headlamps as you’ll want both of your hands.  Look where you’re walking as there are some areas where you can fall right into the water.  It happened to someone, I have their message on the page telling about their scary story.  Be smart!


Where to Park: 32.857168, -116.464226   Trailhead: 32.860989, -116.462095

Cemetery: 32.867022, -116.453753

Note: You need an adventure pass to park on the side of the road to do this trip.  Hike is easy for all levels with little to no elevation.



Rainbow Stairs: Stanford Ave. & Yale Ave. La Mesa, CA 91942
32.759039, -117.040094

Mariposa Trail: Secret Path of Lemon Grove
Mariposa Ln, Lemon Grove, CA 91945
32.729596, -117.019376

Sea Path: La Mesa, CA
32.776849, -117.036893


Where to Park: Gully Trail Trailhead
13523 Mira Montana Dr, Del Mar, CA 92014
32.943428, -117.248773

Trailhead: 32.942262, -117.247924

Crooked Hill: 32.938705, -117.246899


Where to Park: 33.074038, -117.163982

Trailhead: 33.073650, -117.163976

This trail unfortunately became no trespassing recently so you will be entering at your own risk. The photos shown on our site are taken from all over the place, not one area in particular but most were taken along the creek.



There are three ruins in Harmony Grove that we have found.  One is right off of the main road, the other two are super-secret and you will have to be discreet when visiting them. Even the ruins off of the main road can get residents huffy so proceed with caution!  I believe all of these spots are technically no-trespassing so you must be very discreet.  This is not a place for a large group to explore.  Just you and 1 or 2 other respectful people.

Coordinates for chimney ruin: 33.095136, -117.130766  This is off of Country Club Dr. and will be on your left side when you’re first heading in.

Approximate Coordinates for Old Stone Ruins: 33.096464, -117.125679  This is up a very steep hill and ends up right next to a residential home.  You may want to park below and just walk up the hill.  Once you reach the dirt path you will hike for literally a minute or so before you stumble upon the old home. Just head slightly up hill going west once you enter the dirt trail. After you visit this one head down the hill (northeast) about another minute to find more ruins.  I believe these are the coordinates for the third ruin.  If not, then it’s a new ruin we haven’t see yet! 33.097217, -117.125592


(Hidden California)


Entrance: 37.590047, -118.702746 (A high clearance vehicle is recommended as this is a rough dirt road.  You will be able to drive your car about halfway of the trip until you hit a very large and loose dirt hill.  Park your car and walk the rest of the trip (about 1.5 miles one way) unless you have 4WD. Below is a shot of the hill:

Where to Park if you have 4WD: 37.607525, -118.718905  From this parking lot you can see the columns in the distance.  Walk down the small but steep hill to your destination!

Crowley Columns: 37.609700, -118.720350



We parked on Tooth Rock Rd.  This is a private road and you will risk being towed.  It is possible to enter from different areas but you will have to study Google Maps.  We asked one of the owners on the road if we could park here to respectfully explore and they gave us their permission.

Trailhead: 32.987844, -117.010116

Cistern: 32.979777, -117.005330

Stone Dam: 32.977795, -117.002055

Mine: 32.977690, -117.002321



Coordinates: 32°59'24.6"N 117°06'40.7"W

I have written tips attached to each photo.  By now there should be a pretty visible trail all the way to the flume.  Once you reach the flume, head southwest to find the mines.  You will first see what looks like some animal's den.  It is actually a small mine shaft that opens up much larger inside!  After you've explored this small mine shaft continue going southwest for a few minutes and you will see a much larger mine on the left side.  It looks like a cave!



LOCATION: Old Banner Toll Road, Julian

Coordinates to park:  You will park at a cul-de-sac: 33.078533, -116.583956

Coordinates to mine: 33.0764390, -116.5677770 Once you pull the coordinates into Googlemaps it will show the starting point on Woodland rd. & the approximate ending point.  Don't mind the directions they're trying to give you.  You will be taking a dirt trail, not a road. Just look out for the old mill once you've hiked down there.  This is a mid autumn-spring hike.  I do not suggest hiking out here in the summer as it gets really hot.



Where to Park: 
48498-48300 In-Ko-Pah Park Rd
Jacumba Hot Springs, CA 91934
32.640174, -116.109341

Approximate location to mine: 32.638536, -116.110967You will have to hike up a very small hill where a cluster of boulders are.  Look for the mouth of the cave and head up.


Visit the historic Gopher Mine and migrant camp in the backcountry of Julian. This is a beautiful, scenic hike with multiple mines to explore!


LOCATION: Old Banner Toll Road, Julian

Coordinates to park:  You will park at a cul-de-sac: 33.078533, -116.583956

Coordinates to migrant camp: 33.072405, -116.565024

Coordinates to mine: 33.073692, -116.564788

This is the same trail you take to get to the Warlock mine but instead of making a sharp left you continue straight



Coordinates of where to Park: Park on the side of the road on in the small dirt lot.

33.372034, -116.730731

28938-27546 Chihuahua Valley Rd. Warner Springs, CA 92086

Coordinates to the Murder House: 33.375311, -116.726645

Note: This is a cold weather adventure.  This area gets very hot in the summer and dry and makes it an ideal spot for rattlesnakes.  The brush is overgrown making it impossible to see them hiding.



There are 3 pyramids total that we have found so far.  We will update if we find more.  Look for the signs at the two parks (Meanly Park & Jerabek Park) then head in.  The pyramids are not too far from the signs.

Coordinates: 32.902697, -117.094822

Coordinates: 32.902997, -117.102164



Entrance: W32°46’57.7″N 117°00’34.6″W

Trailhead: 1501 Caminito Aguar

San Marcos, CA 92078

33.118487, -117.209730

Coordinates to abandoned cabins: 33.113717, -117.210501

Coordinates to dam: 33.109382, -117.209013



This is located directly behind the Wisteria Candy Cottage

40014-39936 Old Hwy 80
Boulevard, CA 91905

Coordinates to abandoned homes: 32.668123, -116.288632



Coordinates to dam: 33.000225, -117.103715

Coordinates to homestead: 32.985549, -117.106647

The homestead is on private property so be on the look out in case other people are out there.  The owners of the land below the main abandoned house still go out there to occasionallymaintain their property.  Look out for some concrete slabs.  Once you find these you must head up higher into the hills.  That is where the home in our photos resides.



31130 Chihuahua Valley Rd
Warner Springs, CA 90286

(951) 767-2038

The name of this spot is Lieu Quan Meditation Center and it is located in Warner Springs.

Where to Park:33.385039, -116.656440 // We were not sure where to park, so we parked on the dirt road right next to it.  The neighbor who lives behind the meditation center said it's okay to park there.  We took the risk.

Coordinates: 33.385202, -116.657199



Trailhead: 468 Alta Rd, San Diego, CA 92179 // 32.582119, -116.918764

Bunkers: 32.587424, -116.854328

Note: There is a somewhat misleading sign at the beginning that mentions something along the line of no off-roading, but what it is implying is to stay on trail.  Border patrol confirmed this for us. You will be making a good climb up mountain on the Otay Truck Trail, so be sure you are equipped with a high-clearance vehicle.

This is a 6.5 mile trip 1-way up hill.  It is not advised to hike it but instead use an off-road vehicle to make the climb.  If you DO decide to hike, start early morning and during the cooler seasons.



Coordinates of where to park: 33.039457, -117.114575 // Alva Rd.  This is street parking in a suburban neighborhood.

Coordinates to trailhead: 33.039775, -117.114663 // You will walk across a small, grassy park to a gate in the back.  The gate has always been unlocked when we've explored with light foot traffic on this trail.

Pond: 33.041536, -117.115391  The pond is the first site you'll come across. The teepee is tucked away underneath a tree just south of the pond. You can then follow the pathway north to the lake.



Coordinate of where to park: 33.175317, -116.995473  This is off of Lake Wohlford Rd. shortly after the Lake Wohlford café.  If you’re heading from Escondido look to your left.  There will be a dirt groove for parking. Park then head up the wooden steps!

Coordinates of castle: 33.176067, -116.994590



Coordinates: 33.243405, -117.146540

We parked across the street in a small dirt groove.  This is a no trespassing area so enter at your own risk.



Railroad St
Jacumba Hot Springs, CA 91934
Coordinates: 32.621339, -116.192693

Only the trains on the left side of Railroad rd. are accessible.  These trains are owned by the same people who own the Institute of Perception.  You can actually stay at their amazing Airbnb which I highly recommend.  Please leave no trace and be super careful when exploring the old trains.



13300 County Rd S1, Julian, CA

(Take highway 79 to Sunrise Highway.  Then look for Kwayymii Point. Google Maps is calling the road Kwimee pt.  That is incorrect.  It will say Kwaaymii Point.  Look for that road off of Sunrise Highway and take it until it dead ends.  Then park and explore!)

Coordinates: 32.934772, -116.486450



Park here: 32.754926, -117.164810

Coordinates: 32.754920, -117.164228

Park in the parking lot and then walk 1 minute down the slight hill into the canyon.  You will quickly see the ruins.  The ruins are on the corner of Dickinson st. & Front st. in Hillcrest.



Coordinates where to park: 32.743061, -116.892890

Coordinates to house: 32.757405, -116.875348

You will park on the street right next to Steele Canyon Golf Course, then head south towards Farraday Ridge Rd.  This is a residential neighborhood.  Walk into it towards the mountain.  Back there is where you will find the trail head.  Now begins the incline!  I would go on  a cool day (not summer).  It’s about an hour hike up hill I’d say.  A lot of people mountain bike this trail so if you have that option and like inclines, go for it!



Coordinates to cemetery: 32.956860, -117.003136

Coordinates to homesteads: 32.953543, -117.001363 &  32.952560, -117.000910



Trailhead: 33.085020, -116.922079  This is a 1.9 mile hike uphill one way.  Prepare accordingly.  This area gets HOT in the summer and I would advise hiking in cooler weather.

Lover’s Peak: 33.079831, -116.909134

I have been to this spot twice.  We took a different route than I am giving directions to because we later learned it is private property and I want to respect the owner’s property.  If you hike from the bottom though, you are legally allowed to sit at the chairs.



LOCATION: Del Dios Highlands Preserve

Coordinates: 33.081331, -117.120939

This spot is directly off of Del Dios Highway.  On one side you have Lake Hodges and the other is Derba’s House, giving a beautiful view when you’re exploring.  We have not explored the land behind it so who knows, there may be more interesting stuff out there!


abandoned mobile home (27)Page

Coordinates of where to Park: 32.79794094118517, -117.2126846420289

Trailer Park: 32.79794584905, -117.216184376

2798-2720 De Anza Rd. San Diego, CA 92109

Note: You can legally walk the perimeter of the trailer home park as it is public land.  Entering any of the homes or inside the perimeter of the mobile home park is no trespassing and you will be entering at your own risk.


(Hidden California)


This hike begins at the residential end of Sullivan Ridge Fire Road.  From the street parking at the intersection of Capri Drive and Casale Road, begin walking up Sullivan Ridge Fire Road toward a gate 0.4 miles from the start at the entrance of Topanga State Park.  To the west there is a partial ocean view over the Pacific palisades. The view to the north up Rustic Canyon continues to improve as you hike another 2/3 of a mile up the wide paved fire road.

To get to the trailhead: From Sunset Boulevard, 3 miles west of the 405, turn north at the light onto Capri Drive. After 1/3 mile continue through the traffic circle, remaining on Capri Drive for another 1/3 mile until it comes to and end at Casale Road. Sullivan Ridge Fire road begins to the left. Find street parking to the right or on an adjacent road.

 I noticed there are many different entrances to the ranch once you are on the trail.  Look for the staircases heading down into the canyon.  All of these will eventually lead you to the house. You will have to hike down a ton of stairs regardless though to get to the bottom. After you finish exploring the house, head west and you will go up a long driveway that eventually leads to the top where their main entrance was to drive in.  You will pass a lot of ruins of old homes on the way.

Trailhead address: Capri Drive & Casale Road, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

Trailhead coordinates: 34.061097, -118.504121 (34° 03′ 39.94″N 118° 30′ 14.83″W)

Coordinates to wrought iron gate: 34.072388, -118.513971


San Diego has its own magical forest the locals call Narnia, complete with secret swings, tiny caves and a raging creek!


Trailhead: Springhurst dr.

Sabre Springs San Diego, CA

32.945322, -117.076460

Approximate Coordinates to Narnia: 32.943981, -117.078576  All you have to do is look out for the gate, which we have added a photo of and head in.

From the trailhead head west for about a quarter mile.  You will eventually see a gate on your right side.  Open the gate and head in.  There is a 1 minute trail that will take you right to Narnia and the creek.  You will first see some graffiti'd rocks.  You can either walk through the small slot in between boulders or walk around to the other side.

The second secret swing is one minute up stream from the first swing.  You will see a trail take you to another set of graffiti'd rocks.  The swing is up top.

San Diego Flume


Where to Park: El Capitan Resevoir Parking Lot on El Monte Rd.

32.873455, -116.796216

Trailhead: 32.872510, -116.795434

This is a very faint trail that you will follow along on the eastern side of the lake.  For the majority of the hike you will walk right alongside it.  Eventually the trail will spit you out even further east which pulls you away from the lake.  This is where the cement bridges and dam will be found.  We turned back after we hit the dam.  I do not know what is beyond that.

 Secret Swings


Where to park: 32.869036, -117.246977

Approximate Coordinates to swings: 32.866788, -117.247892

And bench: 32.864618, -117.247694


Please note that swings are constantly being cut down and put back up.  It is almost on a weekly basis and a fight between the people and the city.  This is public property but the city does not want the swings up for safety reasons.

Stairway to the Sun


Where to park:32.869249, -117.249569

La Jolla Shores dr.

Swing: 32.869320, -117.250131

Parking is allowed on side of road.  As mentioned on the page, the tree with the bench has broken.  Last we checked the swing was still there though.



These are the directions to the main cave which is pretty huge.

Parking: 32.7182520, -117.2559670

Once you park go towards the ocean and you can either take steps down or there is a rope to climb down.  It’s not as scary as it may seem to climb down it.  I’m a pretty big wuss and I was able to do it.  Once you get down to the beach head left.  You will see many caves along your way.  The largest cave can only be accessed during low tide though.  You will go around a bend.  The bend is where it will stop if the tide is too high.  During super low tide that  whole area after the bend is opened up for you to stroll through.  Super-low tide usually happens in the winter during the day FYI

Here are the coordinates to the main bend you will have to make it around in order to get to the cave: 32.715141, -117.256456  If this is filled with water you will have to wait until a safer day.  Keep track of the tide chart.  The tide should be as close to the negatives as possible for you to enter safely.
The large cave in our photos will be in this vicinity: 32.713207, -117.256192  You will know when you find it as it’s huge and beautiful.

The cathedral cave is here: 32.724360, -117.257479



Entrance: 32°46’57.7″N 117°00’34.6″W

Tips: There is no reception inside here so I would recommend letting someone know where you are heading out to. Although I have never had a run-in with anyone inside a storm drain I know people who have. Bring protection and at least one partner to be safe.



Where to park: 32.937750, -117.101506

Tunnel Entrance: 32.937777, -117.102402

Park in the shopping center and then head west on the sidewalk.  You will walk for no more than a minute before you should see an opening into the canyon.  Head in towards the coordinates and stick to the right-hand side of the storm drain.  You will see an opening and easily be able to get inside the entrance.



Where to Park: Mission Center Rd. & Sevan Ct.
San Diego, CA 92123
Coordinates to Tunnel: 32.783836, -117.153211
Remember, it is not safe to enter any tunnel within 48 hours of heavy rainfall.



Coordinates where to park: 23910-23700 Black Canyon Rd. Ramona, CA 92065
33.124239, -116.802010 (Once you park, head down the left-side fork in the road down into the canyon)

Trailhead: Forest Rte 12S07, Ramona, CA 92065
33.126781, -116.803346

Waterfall: 33.130201, -116.798495 (There are different tiers of the falls.  I have only been to the first part but if you climb over the rocks and keep hiking forward, the falls get larger)

This is a seasonal waterfall so must be hiked during wet season.  Also, the trail is overgrown and this is an area where rattlesnakes live.  Be very careful.



Summer Sage Rd.
Poway, CA 92064

Trailhead: 33°00'33.2"N 117°01'33.1"W

Ruins:  33.008830, -117.027047

There is a faint trail that will eventually fork off.  You can go both ways.  The right side has the dam and thick forest.  I am not positive if this turns into private property as there is a house with no fenced backyard out there. This is where the small waterfall and forest photos were taken.  The left side of the fork is where the homestead is.



Where to Park/Trailhead: Poblado Rd. San Diego, CA 92127 33.039916, -117.088250

Small Off-Shoot to Waterfall: 33.044777, -117.089452   Coordinates to Waterfall: 33.044434, -117.090529

Start by parking on the side of Poblado Rd.  Here you will find a trailhead taking you down a shaded pathway.  Take this for a quarter mile with the coordinates plugged in for the small off-shoot path.  Once you find that small path head inward.  If you've hiked after a rainy day (which is really the only time to guarantee the waterfall is flowing) you should begin hearing the rushing water.  The waterfall is less than a minute from that path's entrance.



Cross Streets of where to park: Poway Rd & Sabre Springs Pkwy.  We parked in the parking lot and walked across the street.

There are two ponds on each side of Poway rd. with a tunnel connecting them. On the south side of Poway Rd. is where the dam and waterfall are.  There was a gate that was open when we went and we were able to walk right up to it. If the gate is locked you will have to walk all the way around it to where the gate stops.

Coordinates to waterfall: 32.946620, -117.099439


Spooks Canyon Waterfall (2)


Hike: 1.1 miles 1-way   Level: Moderately easy

Dog-Friendly: Yes    Kid-Friendly: Yes

Trailhead: 3117 Brookside Ln
Encinitas, CA 92024
33.054182, -117.218919

Note: There is no public parking in the neighborhood near the trailhead so you are either parking at your own risk of being towed, finding parking elsewhere and walking to the trailhead or parking in a public spot and taking an Uber/Lyft to the trailhead.

Alternate Trailhead: Looking at Google Satellite this appears to be a solid trailhead alternative with cars parked in the picture.  We did not take this trailhead but it's worth a try: 33.055912, -117.204657

Coordinates to waterfall: 33.052043, -117.205792



Where to Park: (This is right next to Hidden Acres Wedding Venue) 34.2347379922, -117.4924688144  Trailhead: 34.2360783856, -117.499975010  Entrance to Waterfall trail: 34.2324427875, -117.504701592   Waterfall: 34.23023236792, -117.5047512458

Note: This has the potential to be a very confusing hike so please take careful note of our directions and study the coordinates we have provided above as you will not have reception out there.  We are attaching photo directions below of how to get to the waterfall as well.

There are many ways to get from point A (parking lot) to point B (waterfall).  We made it far more difficult getting there vs. getting back to our car.  I am providing the easiest way to get there (which is still a bit of a challenge).  You will walk alongside the street for about 5 minutes, but thankfully you can walk on cemented rocks on the other side of the blocks 90% of the time. Please note if you have a dog with you, the cement is very sharp and will hurt their paws so please carry them during this duration.  Our dog showed distress which is why I felt the ground seeing how sharp it actually was. It's hard to tell.

Once you get to the picnic benches, head down towards the creek.  Look for a safe place to cross.  We went across some logs. If you have water shoes and shorts you could just walk right across without playing the balance game. Keep heading west once you cross until you get to the campground.

Once you get to the campground, continue heading west towards the western end of the campsite.  It's best to have the waterfall coordinates plugged in before you lose reception so you can follow your cursor to the red pin.

Click images to enlarge for visual steps:


(Hidden California)


Address: Highway 1, Los Padres National Forest

Big Sur, CA 93920

35.81573, -121.35879

There is a small dirt lot to park on.  Look for the brown sign that included "Salmon Creek Waterfall" on the right side.  The trailhead is right behind it.  The hike to the falls and cave is .25 miles


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