Influencer: Antonio Garra

Article by: David Johnson On the afternoon of January 19, 1852, Cupeño tribal chief Antonio Garra was marched with his hands bound to a newly dug grave in the local San Diego Catholic cemetery. He was accompanied by a Catholic priest who, as they walked, invited him to pray for his soul. Garra repeatedly declined and observers noted that Garra […]

Influencer: Damiana Calvario

  This page is part a new section on my site titled “Influencers”, where I will begin telling the stories of historic figures of the past as well as present day people who are positively influencing our city.  Today I will talk about local herbalist Damiana Calvario.  Connecting with the earth should be a practice we all do regularly.  Beyond […]

Influencer: Roman de Salvo

I recently created an Influencers section that touches on both past and present day influencers of our city. The first person I covered was Kate Sessions, the Mother of Balboa Park, who is greatly responsible for introducing new plants to San Diego in the early 1900’s. Next, I am covering a modern day influencer: Roman de Salvo. Roman is not […]

Influencer: Kate Sessions

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