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Back in the 70's-early 90's, this Western-theme park was at its prime and often filled with happy kids and their families. The park offered a mini Tilt-a-Whirl, a dipping “Bulgy the Whale” ride, ring-the-bell boat ride, roller coaster, 20-foot-high Ferris wheel, airplanes, bumper cars and even a waterslide!

The owner dreamed of turning it into a world-class water park and in 1989, invested $500,000 to add a go-cart track and install the longest water slide of its kind in Southern California. By the late 90's, the owner unfortunately filed for bankruptcy and the park has sat abandoned ever since.

Personal Experience: I have many fond memories of visiting this theme park as a child, celebrating birthdays and being all too excited for the days my dad would tell us to get ready because we were going to be spending a day there!  I will have to see if I can pull up some photos of us as children here.

My favorite part and what I feel was the most unique aspect of this park was the water slide built that was built into the mountain.  I'd never seen a park do that before. It's a shame to see what happened to a place that holds so many fond memories for me and I know many others.

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