The Adobe Falls area is no tresspassing and we no longer give directions to it

Personal Experience: In my opinion, and especially for San Diego, this is a legitimate waterfall. The scores of graffiti adds an interesting, urban touch which is sad (not only because the graffiti is pretty terrible) but also colorful and slightly surreal. I guess that's what happens when a waterfall is easily accessible and neighbors a college town.

This is one of the only non-seasonal waterfalls in San Diego. Alvarado Creek draws its water from much of Del Cerro, San Carlos, Fletcher Hills, Grossmont and some of the hilly areas south of the I-8 corridor from Grossmont west until Fairmount Ave. Here's a great site to learn more about the waterfall.

We do have many other waterfalls in San Diego that you can legally hike to.  Some of our favorites are

 Cedar Creek Falls, Three Sisters Falls and the Moonsong Waterfall.

Adobe Falls hidden san diego

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