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We never realize how many secrets are around us at any given day.  Hidden lairs, gardens, underworlds and so much more are hiding right beneath the veil all over town.  It's my pleasure to slowly reveal these places as I visit them.  The spot featured in this post today is a secret garden in La Mesa, created by one loving couple, Bob and Carole Caparas.

Carole & Bob's Secret Garden

Carole & Bob

Taking a walk through Bob and Carole's garden, you quickly see that there are themed sections.  Each area was designed to represent a different region of the world. Bob says that he was inspired by Disneyland and set out to create his own theme park for gardens!

We walked around a Mayan/Aztec section with statues, a prehistoric area with pictographs and real fossils, we explored Mexico, the tropics, Tibet, the Mediterranean, an underwater-themed garden, a fairy garden and so much more!

There are bridges that lead you over creeks, seasonal waterfalls, secret swings and tiny details filling almost every inch of this magical land. The pathway winds you throughout a jungle of plant-life and seems to go on forever!  Bob says that every stone wall or pathway we see was created from stones that were dug out from their land.  There has been extreme labor over the years but the results are stunning!

Their garden is such a beautiful and physical testimonial to what love and passion can create. This is an on-going project, they say, that will always be added onto. Bob was currently creating a new area the day we visited, for instance, which included a handful of fruit trees.  Upkeep like this is helping them both stay in amazing shape!

Although this is a private garden, they do occasionally hold tours to the public.  We will make any announcements through our site whenever they are hosting one.

Carole & Bob's Secret Garden


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