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Personal Experience: After visiting the Desert View Tower & Boulder Park, we were ready to head on down highway 80 to find some good abandoned homes & maybe even some ghost towns! WELL, that quickly changed when we noticed a few flying saucers on the side of the road with a sign that read "Coyote's Flying Saucer Retrievals & Repairs". Stop the car!

Heading over, we were quickly greeted by the "store" owner, Coyote. What a character this man is! I have never met anyone like him. He comes off as a very sincere man to me, quirky as can be, a forever-child at heart & just brimming with extraterrestrial humor. His store front not only consists of flying saucers, but also a "theater" in the back where they have movie night, projecting the films onto a huge boulder.

When we were bidding farewell, Coyote insisted that we all get inside the saucer for a group photo. Suddenly "Oops!" he hit the wrong button. Next thing you know we were going out for a ride! What an entertaining tour! Especially since this was all unplanned. One second we're driving looking for abandoned homes, next thing you know we're cruising around in a flying saucer! Coyote was an excellent tour guide, pointing out alien sightings & artwork & "portals to new dimensions". It was loads of fun.

We will be back for movie night, you better believe it! He said the real fun happens at night. He also said that they see aliens out there all the time. That part was serious. The rest was just him having fun out in the desert. As we were driving off and continuing to explore nearby, there was evidence of him all over the place. Balanced rocks, clothed sticks (you'll see in the photos). Just too funny. This man really knows how to keep busy while living the quiet, desert life.

Keep your eyes peeled along the drive. Coyote has decorations all over the place!

I love his homemade kicks, designed to protect him from rattlesnake bites!

The outdoor "movie theater", named Rattlesnake Parlor.  Movies such as ET and the X-Files are projected onto the large boulder for screening during movie night:

We got to ride in one of his flying saucers! It was awesome. He has music in there and usually a television. Not to mention it was such an enjoyable tour. Coyote is filled with imagination and suspense. He would be a great camp counselor. He showed us "alien artwork" and different "portals" along the way. So much fun!

BUT, the REAL fun happens at night:

Time portals up in the mountains:

One day I might put this onto t-shirts. For now, here's a fun logo I created in his honor:

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