Lake Hodges 28
San Diego, CA 92127

Trailhead: 33.039894, -117.088237    Flag: 33.066158, -117.113350

Hike:  5.8 miles out and back    Level: Moderately Easy

Kid-Friendly: Yes    Dog-Friendly: Yes



For those that are familiar with Lake Hodges, Fletcher Point is the peninsula with the flag perched on it that can been seen off Del Dios rd. I've been dreaming of visiting this spot forever now, although I originally imagined I'd boat there.  Turns out there's a trail that leads you right to it!

We decided to do this hike in the evening which definitely made it much more challenging than it would be in the day.  I would definitely recommend doing this hike in the day, during cooler weather or early morning.  We were in the mood for extra adventure though, and that is exactly what we got!

The trail is a little rough which can make it dangerous in the night if you lose your footing and trip.  We even got off trail accidentally at some point and had to do some back-tracking to figure out what went wrong. All in all, this was a very fun hike and I can't wait to try it again in the daytime!

Fletcher Point

We spotted some metates (Indian grinding holes)!

And other unique oddities:

Finally made it to the flag.  Woohoo!

Such a beautiful snake!

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