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What is a Sensory Deprivation Tank?
A sensory deprivation tank provides a light- and sound-free environment containing 12″ of solution consisting of water and about 1000 lbs. of dissolved Epsom salt. The fluid temperature is maintained at external body temperature [around 95˚]. Inside the sensory deprivation tank, the participant floats effortlessly without gravitational requirements and neither sound nor light input to consider.

What are some of the benefits of floating?
Reduces Stress
Improves sleep patterns
Normalizes blood pressure
Enhances ability to stay focused and concentrate
Unlocks the creative centers in your brain
Strengthens immune system
Pain relief from injuries/ailments
Helps reduce addictive behavior
Alleviates symptoms of depression and anxiety
Relieves inflammation in joints
Speeds recovery from Jet lag

From their website: "Our sensory deprivation chamber / tanks filtration systems are the only tested and certified (NSF) in the World and is achieved in a natural and organic process that does not involve the use of dangerous and harsh chemicals such as chlorine; this is the main reason why flōt purchases from Float Lab Technologies. All of the parts are built to last a life time, reducing replacement consumption.

Float Lab Technologies Isolation Floatation Chambers are built to NSF/ANSI 50 – CCS 12804 commercial safety and sanitation standards for commercial use. The solution consists of 1000 lbs. of USP grade Magnesium sulfate [Epsom salt]. We use a specific Epsom salt provider to ensure quality beyond the USP rating.

Before each use, the solution is purified by our patented disinfection filtration system utilizing commercial Ozone oxidation as a primary disinfectant and extreme UV radiation as a secondary with advanced 3-stage filtration [20 micron, 5 micron, 1/2 micron]. Our disinfection system has been verified to perform a minimum 3-log kill (99.9%) on pathogenic microorganisms of all kinds [bacteria, virus, mold, etc.] without the use of chemicals. Float Lab Chambers never require chemicals to sanitize the solution.

Our Air circulation system is compliant with ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2007, providing 10 complete purified air exchanges per hour [filtered to .3 microns]. Our soap, shampoo, conditioner, and laundry detergents are natural, organic, and environmentally friendly."

Personal Experience: I have definitely become an advocate for magnesium salt floats.  If you are going through any ailments, whether it be stress, depression, inflammatory issues, strains, aches or pains, an Epsom salt float can help! Doing a soak at your house is not the same because here you are floating in 1,000 lbs. of salts!

I was told that this is the only float lab in San Diego that has the exact same tank that podcaster Jeff Rogan has.  Rogan is a huge proponant for deprivation tanks. The float I did here was a very different experience than the other floats I had done in the past.  Before I had only floated in pods where you push open and close the door to get out.  This time, you literally go inside a pitch black chamber which is far more spacious.

I am not saying one float spa is better than the other. I believe that is up to each person to decide individually to decide what type of experience they prefer.  The tank here at Flōt Spa is so spacious that you really can "travel" a bit inside the tank.  Just be careful spinning around like I did because then it's hard to figure out where the door went!

I always leave these feeling SO calm and refreshed.  Every muscle feels like it just had a deep massage and my brain feels as though it went on a healing, meditative retreat.  It's a great way to begin or finish the day.

The office is clean and posh upon entering:

Flōt Spa is a sensory deprivation tank providing a light & sound-free environment in 12″of water and 1000 lbs. of dissolved Epsom salt.

They use and sell EO Essentials products, which is an all-natural beauty line:

You will be given your own private room with an area to change and hang your clothes and a shower with delicious-smelling hair and body products. Attached to the shower is the chamber door to your float room:

This was obviously next to impossible to photograph if I wanted to give an accurate experience.  You float in pure darkness, but I took a few shots with the door open to give a *slight* example of what to expect.  No matter what though, these photos will not be able to showcase the true experience:

Nice and steamy!

Behind the scenes:



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