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Article & Research by Allison Garton:

This abandoned UNSAFE mine is so easy to miss that you'll walk right by it on your first attempt. While others have braved the partially collapsed entrance, others suffer from claustrophia and will never venture past the leaning timbers. Also known as the Big Blue Mine, the Golden Gem Mine is a collection of three small, no-longer-productive gold mines. While most active from the 1890s to the 1940s, the Golden Gem group only produced about $200,000 in gold. The mine grouping is on adjacent parcels and periodically comes up for sale.

Again, it cannot be stressed enough - abandoned mines are unsafe to enter, especially in an active fault zone. Let the collapsed entrance be a strong warning to all adventurer seekers.

This mine is on the same trail as the Warlock mine. Visit that page to see more visuals on the steps to finding these mines.

Golden Gem Mine

Keep your eyes peeled for a little tunnel up on the hill to your right:

Golden Gem Mine

We peeked in but didn't risk entering.  Not worth being inside during a collapse!

My friend Shane and his friend went inside and took some photos:

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1 Review


  • Leann DeBoer
    Rating Overall Rating Difficulty Finding

    the opening is very small, I had to crawl in on my stomach but once inside it opened up and I was able to stand and explore. It is very hard to find as the trail is quite over grown right now, heading down to the warlock mine it will be on your right (JUNE 2020)

    June 30, 2020

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