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Personal Experience: I have been able to gather virtually no information on the gopher mine or the backstory of the alleged abandoned migrant camp. If anyone can offer any information it would be greatly appreciated. I was able to find that the Gopher mine grossed $450,000. It looks like this mine was part of the Madden claim which is at an elevation of 3,360 ft. The mines in this claim included the Madden Millsite, Antelope, Old Madden, Gopher and Curry claim.

The owner of the mines was C. W. Curry. On the Antelope Claim there is a crosscut tunnel driven southwest 550 ft., with 300 ft. of drifts on the vein. On the Madden Claim, the workings consist of a shaft on the vein to a depth of 100 ft., with drift north 60 ft. Idle.

This area was damaged in the 2014 wildfires. It was crazy to see how different the area looked from the last time we were out here. It is said that there are 30 mines in this area, many which are no longer safe to explore under any circumstances. We have personally explored the Warlock MineGolden Gem, Eagle mine and the Ready Relief claim claim on top of this one.


This poor place looks completely different since the last time we hiked here! A fire completely swept through it! One plus side is it is now easier to find new mines though:

I would leave your pup at home.  There are people who squat/claim this land (even though I am pretty sure it's not actually theirs).  Just be polite and obviously don't come here to mine.  They have guard dogs though:The first squatter home we came across.  Super innovative.  It even has a roof deck!

Found it! If you ever choose to explore a mine, please make sure you come well-prepared with proper lighting (headlight) and mask to protect your lungs.

Spotted more ruins with my zoom lens up on the mountain. Another day, another adventure:

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