Harmony Grove

Harmony Grove Rd.
Escondido, CA 92029

33.092228, -117.136483

Hike: There are many hiking trails on this land but be careful because many are private property   Level: Each hike varies in level of difficulty

Dog-Friendly: Yes    Kid-Friendly: Yes

Note: The ruins are part of our members section

Note: There has sadly been a ton of development of this land over the years so some areas no longer look like my photos.

On this one road alone you will find a psychic village complete with little colorful homes & a seance room, ruins dating back to the early 1900's, a two-story house on a hill with no doors or windows (only a garage and vents), a labyrinth, the remains of an old slaughter farm, and many other photo-worthy opportunities!

This whole area is rumored to be haunted by a white witch and Native American spirits. Other haunted locations in this immediate vicinity include the Harmony Grove Spiritualist Society, Elfin Forest and Questhaven Rd.  If you're really brave, maybe stay at the Questhaven  Retreat!

Harmony Grove got its name because of how peaceful this area was.  Early settlers, Foster, Harding and Molette, established the spiritualist society out here in 1896.  Take note of the street signs which are named after the early pioneers. There are many historic buildings and archeological sites remaining in the Harmony Grove area. Those that haven't been lost to development stand as a piece of crumbling history.

The Harmony Grove community has always abided by the “Dark Nighttime Sky Policy”. They value their dark nighttime sky and want to maintain it. They encourage all residential dwellings to preserve the dark sky by instituting an external lighting “lights-out” program after 10pm.  The new housing goes directly against this belief sadly.  Although I will give props to the Harmony Grove Village for their elaborate Halloween decorations each year.

Harmony Grove

The house with no windows:

Another old homestead we found not too far away from the one show above:

Then yet another ruin slightly down the trail from the one above this! I have no clue what this once was but there is an electrical box next to it. So curious!

And a secret pathway. This is private property so please don't go looking for it. We were given permission by the owner to hike. I'm just including the pictures because it is in Harmony Grove and it was part of our exploring:

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