Hillcrest Community Acupuncture

Hillcrest Community Accupunture (8)

1807 Robinson Ave #205
San Diego, CA 92103

Phone: (619) 298-2228
32.746397, -117.145929

Dog-Friendly: No   Kid-Friendly: No

HOURS: Monday-Friday: 10 – 2pm & 3 – 7pm
Saturday: 10 – 2pm // Sunday: 12 – 4pm


Acupuncture treats a wide range of complaints, from digestive problems to infertility. It is wonderful for emotional problems such as depression, anxiety, and anger. It is also an excellent treatment for addiction, fatigue, and pain. Learn more about the ailments that acupuncture treats. With Hillcrest Community Acupuncture, you can afford to feel better!

Personal Experience: This is a very important page to me. I am a big believer in eastern medicine & ancient practices that have been around for thousands of years. I believe in preventing and treating the problems instead of numbing them through pills. One of the usual downfalls for many of us is these treatments are oftentimes expensive! Thank GOD I found out about community acupuncture! I am now passing this info onto those of you who did not know.

hillcrest community acupuncture I have been getting treatments pretty regularly now for my personal ailments (back/neck/wrists). It truly does wonders. You can feel the vitality run back through your body during your treatment and it has helped my body out tremendously. Hillcrest Community Acupuncture is charging $25-$35 per treatment. That is amazing!! Usually $50 is the cheapest you can get it done.

What is the main difference between community acupuncture vs. regular? Mainly the amount of people in the room with you. This is not bothersome though, I promise! It is extremely quiet and tranquil.

You sit on recliner chairs, all nice and comfy and just relax, meditate or rest for an hour. You do not need needles in your back to FIX your back by the way. The acupuncturist will work on your hands & feet mainly to heal any part of your body. You can treat emotional ailments as well. Just ask!

Please support this business so they always stay around and maybe more can pop up! You do not have to pay a lot of money to be healed. Here is proof.

Husband and wife team, Oscar and Sita:

As we wouldn't want to disrupt any patients, Oscar and Sita laid down as an example of how your experience would look like.  The door is usually closed too:

We hope you can stop by!  This is such a great way to begin healing any ailments you  may be having!

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