Via Del Campo

Right Off Of Rancho Bernardo Rd.

33.022329, -117.096887

Hike: 2 mile loop    Level: Moderately Strenuous

Dogs-Friendly: Yes    Kid-Friendly: Yes


I am not positive, but I believe this *may* be a no-trespassing zone despite a decent amount of people of all ages hiking to the top. There is a no-trespassing sign at the trailhead. If that makes you uncomfortable, this hike is not for you.

Personal Experience: The Hissing Hills consists of three main peaks that stretch out like the body of a slithering snake, with winds billowing through the valley creating a soft hiss and they blow by. Keep on alert as this area lives up to its name in other ways too. Rattlesnakes are a known predator amongst these trails. We came across one on our hike and it was winter! Make sure to keep a close eye on your dogs. Each peak graces us with gorgeous panoramic views of all the way to the ocean.

I would describe the hike to the first flag as moderately strenuous and about a mile 1-way. The trail is filled with loose rocks so make sure you wear shoes with good tracking. This is a great spot to view the sunset and hike back before dark. We have not hiked to the 2nd and 3rd flags yet but I will update once I do! I found this to be a fantastic hike for when you're looking to get a little exercise and beauty but are crunched on time or don't feel like hiking all day. These hills are directly above neighborhoods in Westwood and Lake Hodges.

The views get pretty real quick:

You have a panoramic view up here:

I am not sure if this is a legitimate mortar or not:

Wild lilac fills the canyons:

The magic hour begins....


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