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Personal Experience: Just like an artist learns to train their eye to detail, we do the same with potential exploratory spots. Either that or it's all the years reading Where's Waldo as a child. 😉

We spotted this cave from the highway one day and decided why the heck not check it out? We went on an overcast day, as these types of hikes just aren't smart to do when it's too hot. It was one bitch of a hike with no actual trail that we could find, but hey, that's all part of the game, right?

After just recently finding several mines in this region and reading about the possibility of more, I have been on the lookout in the canyons for holes. It turned out to be well worth it (for us at least, but we're pretty easily satisfied). I have no clue if this was an exploratory mine or a natural cave.

I would love your opinions! We were not the first to visit this spot, that's for sure, although there were very few human traces left behind. The words "Jacob's Cave" were sprayed on the large rock in front of it. This is not a deep cave, but surely large enough to sleep in.

It could comfortably hold 5-8 people I'd say. We weren't sure if it was a den, but from a distance saw a beer bottle laying above the cave. That is probably the only reason we went any closer. Once we got near we could see right inside, showing that it was empty. Phew!

That little hole is the cave:

We're going in!

There was a much-needed temperature drop inside. I like to imagine the Kumeyaay Indians used this cave for shelter from heat and poor weather conditions. There is something so strange about those large rocks nearby too. This area feels special to me.


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