18295 Moon Song Ct
San Diego, CA` 92127

Waterfall:  33.044995, -117.088197   Trailhead: 33.039904, -117.088240

Hike: .6 miles    Level of Difficulty: Easy

Dog-Friendly: Yes   Kid-Friendly: Yes


Personal Experience: This whole area is extremely peaceful with plenty of native plants and signs identifying them and their uses. The Lake Hodges Waterfall is not huge by any means, but still worth visiting and perhaps having a picnic at!

The view is very nice from this spot. There is a huge lake and a variety of birds. Make sure to visit the waterfall in late winter/early spring after we've gotten enough rain for the waterfall to be at its strongest!

The photos I am providing below are of a day when we went hiking in the rain!  I wouldn't necessarily suggest doing this as rain hikes are not for everyone.  It gives you such a surreal perspective though and you will usually have the trails entirely to yourself.  It felt magical out there.

We have found many interesting points of interest in this area including multiple waterfalls, caves, a dam, an old rock quarry used to construct the dam and more!  Out of all the lakes in San Diego, I would have to say this one is my favorite just because of all the hidden gems we have  unfolded!

This is a sign made for Chelsea King, who was tragically murdered on this hiking trail back in 2010.  Her body was found near the shore off a secluded path.  Make sure to hike safely, especially if you are a female.  Do not hike alone!

There's the waterfall!  You unfortunately cannot get near it anymore unless you want to risk a hefty fine!  When we were teenagers we would hang out right on those rocks:

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