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What is Lemuria?
Just like Atlantis, Lemuria (or Mu) is said to be a "lost continent" which sunk into the Indian and Pacific Oceans during ancient times. According to Wikipedia, Lemuria is no longer considered to have existed due to modern theories of plate tectonics. There is no known geological formation under  the Indian or Pacific Oceans that corresponds to this theory. Because of these facts, Lemuria has been completely removed from scientific consideration.
Regardless, there are still many writers and philosophers alike that share the belief that Lemuria did once exist and thrived during ancient times before it sank due to a tectonic shift in the poles. Read more here.

Connection to Mt. Shasta
Part of the Lemurian beliefs is that the surviving Lemurians live underneath Mt. Shasta in a subterranean city called “Telos”. Super far-out, but so are many religious beliefs, so who am I to judge! "Prior to the sinking of their continent, fully aware of the eventual destiny of their beloved continent, the ancient Lemurians, using their mastery of energy, crystals, sound and vibrations, hollowed out a vast underground city, with the intention of preserving their culture, their treasures and their records of ancient Earth’s history; history that has been lost since the sinking of Atlantis." Read more here.

Lemurian Fellowship
Since 1936, the Lemurian Fellowship has been a school of universal philosophy. The property is located on 60 acres of land in Ramona. The Fellowship provides instruction on what is referred to as the Lemurian Philosophy, which includes concepts of cosmic or universal law and various principles associated with the application of these laws. Teachings range from reincarnation and karma, to balanced living, to Christ's ministry and message. Students of the Fellowship progress through a correspondence course that consists of a series of 12 basic lessons that can be followed by an advanced training leading to acceptance into the Lemurian Order. Order members continue to work on personal development as well as contribute to group activities, one key activity being the making of various hand-made crafts, a number of which have been recognized for their contribution to 20th century modern design. Learn more here.


Personal Experience: When driving up highway 67, it is hard to miss the large "Lemurian Fellowship" sign. I have always heard rumors of them being a cult and big on their privacy. This really piqued my interest on what they may actually be all about. We are huge fans of unlocking the mysteries of San Diego. The Lemurian Fellowship, much like the Questhaven Retreat, Morning Star Ranch, Unarius & Harmony Grove Spiritualist Center, is one of those places that has a lot of folklore and rumors surrounding it.

It seems all too typical though for people to form baseless opinions around topics they know little about. We strive to first investigate in hopes of seeking some solid answers and then form an opinion. I decided to go out of my way and write them in hopes of getting a little glimpse into their lives. Much to my joy, I was graciously invited to get a tour of their property and even share a meal with them.

Upon entering the grounds, I immediately felt a stillness around me. The hustle and bustle of the outer world has not made its way here. The buildings looked to be constructed in the 1960's or 70's and the interior is filled with amazing hand-crafted items that were built by those who live on the property. We met maybe 15 people and everyone was incredibly kind and gracious to meet with us.

There are many furniture and art pieces hand-crafted by the residencies:

Interesting fireplace design on the left and Native American artifacts found on their property on the rightWe then drove across town to their other property to have dinner with about 15 of the residencies. They were extremely kind and the homemade food was delicious!After dinner we headed to their workshop:They specialize in handmade violins and have even had their work shown in the Museum of Modern Art and the Museum of Contemporary Crafts! Learn more about their crafts here.

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