Bette Bendixen Minipark
Poway, CA 92064

32.942553, -117.066460

Hike: 2 mile loop   Level: Easy

Dog-Friendly: Yes   Kid-Friendly: Yes

History: Poway's transportation history parallels that of early California. In 1888 the first stagecoach began to service the towns from San Diego to Escondido, including Poway. The stage made one stop in town, at the Poway Post Office, and also delivered mail to the farmers who would wait along the road for its arrival.

Eight to ten passengers could accompany the stagecoach on its three-day journey for a modest $1.00 fee, or purchase a round trip for the bargain price of $1.50. The route itself, though not treacherous when passing through Poway, did pose a significant challenge to the team and driver at various points. Windy mountain trails often caused the stage to turn over, spilling both mail and passengers onto the rocky turf. The city of San Diego discontinued the stage line in 1912, when the advent of the automobile facilitated an easier and less time-consuming method of mail delivery. The road station remained in operation until 1961, when Poway achieved an 80% paved road rate. Portions of what is currently Pomerado Road were once US Route 395 in California.

Most of these photos were taken in the springtime when everything was in bloom. Keep in mind that depending on what time of the year you explore here, it can be either green and colorful or rather bland with a lot of dead plants. If you are hiking for photography and bright scenery, go in the spring!

Personal Experience: Old Pomerado Rd. has so much historical background that it is nice enough to possibly visit just for the history alone. Sadly there is not much that remains today to back up its past. If you head west of the road into the woods though, there is a whole world back there for exploring complete with a secret lake! To the left of Old Pomerado Rd. on Stage Stop Dr. are some old ruins worth investigating, but please view from the road as this is a residence. Stage Stop Dr. used to be one of the stops for the stage coaches to refill. At the end of the road are some old historical buildings and a well but I've been told this is all on the owner's property and he is not okay with visitors so please stay off!

Directions:  Start at Bette Bendixen park. Look for the bridge.  Walk over the bridge and then head to your left. You will see a trail:

There are wild, climbing roses along part of the hike:Keep taking the trail.  You start off along the back of houses.  Eventually you will come upon Rabbit pond:

The trail continues at the back west-end of the pond.  Keep going and then take the trail south:You'll have some pretty nice views up here:Eventually you should go down a hill and end up back on Old Pomerado Rd.  There are some cool bridges you will pass to get back to Bette Bendixen Park:Which are fun to photograph at night!

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