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Presidio park overlooks Old Town San Diego: on Presidio Hill. El Presidio Reál de San Diego - on May 14, 1769; Royal Presidio of San Diego was a fort and the first permanent European settlement on the Pacific Coast. In addition to a military presence, a Christian religious contingent was brought to form Mission San Diego de Alcalá.

presidio park historical spotsThe mission was established by Father Junípero Serra at Presidio Hill. The Fort and mission were built on Kumeyaay Indian land. The relationship was not always a peaceful one, and on November 5, 1775, the wooden mission was burned to the ground, and leader, Fr. Luis Jayme was killed. The fort was continually added upon to keep the Spanish safe. The fort would also see use as the Capital of all Baja California during Mexican Authority.

Eventually the fort and mission were abandoned as settlers continued to move further inland. George Marston a San Diego businessman purchased Presidio Hill, and built a private park and Serra mission museum in 1907. Ultimately Marston donated all of the property to the City of San Diego. No original historic buildings still exist.


Witches Tower: This small building is known as the 'Pattie Memorial'.  It was once used as a Spanish guardhouse and a jail cell to hold an American named Sylvester Pattie.  Pattie died here and is commemorated as the "First American buried in California soil.”

The top of the roof has a mysterious pentagram built into it with candle wax and dark stains in the center giving strong evidence of occult practices.

The White Deer, Lucy: Some say that Lucy's spirit continues to roam the grassy area of Presidio Park. Some see her white tail disappear into the bushes, or they find their garden flowers eaten. Motorists sometimes are startled by a fleeting image - that similar of a deer. Joggers will regularly glimpse the sight of a white deer scampering away into the bushes.

If you want to see Lucy, go for a jog in the early hours or take a stroll in the twilight hours. That is the time when Lucy can be found, in life and in death.

The Serra museum: The exterior is reported to be haunted as well. Cloaked hooded shadows are claimed to walk the perimeter of the museum. A young child spirit has also been supposedly spotted atop the museum tower. B. Weston relates, one of the more interesting claims involves a possible dark entity threat resides in the Back trails behind the museum. Urban legend claims a girl was raped and stabbed to death by her boyfriend on a lone park bench. Several paranormal investigators have had episodes of near possession. During one suspected episode a necklace was witnessed to levitate around one investigators neck before being yanked off. Mrs. Weston is clear she believes the tale is nothing more than urban legend.

Personal Experience: There are a lot of grounds to cover around here so bring your hiking shoes! Explore the mission, canyon, hiking trails, ruins, statues and more! This is a very interesting area with a lot of San Diego history. Soak it up!

Witch's Tower:

The memorial for Lucy, the white deer, sits atop one of the hillsides:

What remains of the old stockade:

The aloe & jade maze is fun to explore:

We had a creepy night here talking about ghost stories when all of a sudden we realized we were sitting in a giant pentagram!  Ahhhh!

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