4805 Convoy St

San Diego, CA 9211

(Inside Common Theory Public House)

Dog-Friendly: No   Kid-Friendly:  No

HOURS: Open Daily 5 pm-2 am


Move over breweries, speakeasies are the latest growing trend in San Diego and are only gaining momentum!  I think the real charm of each speakeasy is how they set themselves apart from each other. The Noble Experiment, for instance, is hidden behind a stack of kegs which doubles as a door.  Once you push on the kegs you are brought into a small, dark room with golden skulls along a wall and renaissance paintings on the ceiling. Another example is the Grass Skirt in PB, where the entrance is hidden behind a freezer door.  Once inside, the bar has a fun tiki theme. Realm of 52 Remedies is no different, grabbing its inspiration from ancient Chinese medicine and culture.

Realm of 52 Remedies

In order to find this secret bar in the Convoy district, you must first head into Common Theory and look for the mysterious, white door. Behind this door you will first enter a mock apothecary with jars of exotic herbs lining the walls and a giant manuscript with ancient recipes written on it. After your host gives you the backstory of how the name came to be, they will show you the secret entrance to the bar.

Once inside you will be transported into a quaint, dimly lit lounge with sculptures, a beautiful lotus-shaped booth and gaudy beads hanging from the ceiling. All decor, food and drink are Asian-inspired.  Each table is made from real wood with a thick resin finish.  The bathroom is definitely worth checking out as well!

The drinks were created by Chris “Dong Kyu” Lee, who played around with exotic ingredients and combinations, creating quite the drink menu! I ordered the Opium Den, which is a smokey (litereally smoking) drink.  My friends went down the list ordering a ton of unique drink items.  We had a blast and loved the intimacy of the restaurant.


Look for this mysterious door in order to find the entrance!  A hostess will be there to let you inside.  Once you go through the door you will first enter the apothecary:

Once you find the secret door, you will then enter the magical speakeasy!

We ordered so many exotic drinks!  I drank the Opium Den, which is a smokey, literally smoking drink.  It had a flavor unlike anything I've tried before!

The bathroom has such a cool vibe:

I loved the wooded/resin table!

They also serve food here which is such a major plus!


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