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The San Diego Peace Garden, located in City Heights, brings people of all backgrounds together growing food in the San Diego area and our local community, and around food justice, by creating a garden of bounty and sharing it with those who need it most.


People in San Diego and other places need to know how to grow fresh, healthy food in a sustainable way. We are uniquely positioned on a property with 5 other non-profit organizations, striving for environmental sustainability and boasting one of the landmark green buildings in San Diego: a state of the art strawbale structure with passive heating and cooling, graywater plumbing, a large capacity for rainwater harvesting and a garden and orchard.

All of this was made possible by forward thinking collaboration and dedicated volunteers. We teach sustainable gardening, grow an abundance of food and donate surplus food to those who need it and cannot afford it. In addition to a demonstration area, we are a community of volunteers, and sustainable food enthusiasts.

If you are inspired and want to be a volunteer gardener, you can contact them here: [email protected]

san diego peace garden

san diego peace garden

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3 Reviews


  • Admin
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    I’ve been wanting to check out City Farmers. Thank you for reminding me! 😀

    January 22, 2014

  • Admin
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    Yes, huge plant nerd. 😛

    January 26, 2014

  • Anonymous
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    ahh i could tell you are a plant person. Yeah City Farmers is unique and the owner is a very knowledgeable person. real nice guy too.

    January 26, 2014

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