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"And so it was for Seabreeze Organic Farm. Since a child, I had loved being outdoors – rising before dawn, horseback rides, tending my Grandmother's farm animals in southern Texas, holding the magical seed packages of flowers and vegetables and the promise of their bounty. And then ‘real' life began: college and two advanced degrees, teaching high school for San Diego Unified School district, becoming a gold broker and then CEO of my futures trading companies (with an office in the World Trade Center).

Seabreeze Organic FarmI bought the coastal land where Seabreeze is now in 1978 with hardly any other houses around, covered with chaparral and groves of old eucalyptus trees. In 1988, I assessed my life style and goals and decided on a radical departure from the ‘norm,' starting the journey, seed by seed, brick by brick to what now has become a personal source of joy, health and nutrition for family and clients, a haven for animals and a destination place of beauty and serenity for visitors.

Seabreeze has many avenues of farm participation for the public: farm fresh deliveries of flowers, vegetables, herbs, fruit and poultry eggs for clients, our ‘raise your own' GrowFoodKit, tours and special events, catering, cooking classes, afternoon teas for nursing home residents, wildlife walks, and a destination site for fundraising events and private parties.

I do so hope you'll be able to garner the essence of Seabreeze from our website. We continue to face political and economic issues that challenge the stability of our goals yet we continue to feel confident our farm holds the promise of betterment for all.

Your patronage and support insures many years of continuance for which we are all most grateful. We are a 100% private enterprise.


Stephenie Caughlin and my enduringly patient husband, Kendall Cook."

Personal Experience: I was delighted to receive an invite to check out Seabreeze Organic Farm in Sorrento Valley. I have known about this farm for years but for whatever reason never sought them out for a visit. This couple is living the lifestyle I study and plan on living in the (nearer) future: sustainable living, organic farming, happy animal farm, art studio, beauty all around. All that and they also get the public involved to further educate and inspire us. You can attend tea luncheons, tours of the farm, art classes and much more!

A nice greeting:

Passion fruit:

They built a real straw house that they run as an Air bnb.  So cool!

The owner, Stephenie, is an amazing watercolorist!

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