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Until recently, these pyramids were a complete mystery as to who built them and why.  As the legend goes, 7 pyramids were constructed at least 60 years ago and placed in various parts of the woods in Scripps Ranch.  Although some have since been destroyed, at least 3 still stand today.  It turns out they were built by the McMillin family, which were and still are real estate tycoons in San Diego.  The pyramids were built in strategic places as a scavenger hunt of sort near model homes.  It was an incentive to get people to look at the homes while crossing off the pyramids that they found!

secret pyramids of scripps ranchI personally am drawn to the number 7 as this number holds a lot of power and significance.  I found an excerpt on a person's childhood recounting how they used to play on the pyramids.

"Everyone believed that if you sat on the top platform of the pyramid that your creativity would expand."  If anyone knows any information on them it would be greatly appreciated!

Personal Experience: This is not a crazy adventure by any means, so don't plan a full day of crazy hiking and bravery in order to find them.  They are hidden and camouflaged though and quite fascinating as to why they were built.  They are pretty large and each have their own character.  Two of them are more like teepees I suppose, but they are still all known as pyramids.

This was my friend's snake.  We did not stumble upon it during our adventure!


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