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Right on the outskirts of a busy town lays some of the few remains of slower times. I have unfortunately been unable to get much information on the dam or reservoir. What I have been told is that the dam was built in 1927 and is of the Constant Radius Arch type. There was once nothing but fields, scattered homesteads and a bunch of cows around the reservoir. Boy have times changed.

The pond was drained a few years back to repair the dam. I have been told that the draining occurred during the wildfires we had several years ago and aided the region with putting the fires out. Fishers say that fishing has never been the same since. There used to be a lot of bass and when they were draining the dam, some fishermen walked upon a large fish dying.

Out in the fields lays the remains of several destroyed homesteads. Some of these foundations date back to the early 1900's. I have taken some photos of one of the more interesting homesteads. The others are literally just concrete slabs.

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