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The location of this spot feels like the middle of nowhere.  It is truly remarkable to learn that this is the creation of one lone monk.  From what I can gather, this Vietnam-native has created some of the largest Buddhist statues in the country.  He began building the statues in 1981 to represent the four stages of Buddha's life, going from birth to enlightenment.

The Reclining Buddha (Nirvana) Statue is one of the largest such statues in the United States. It stretches a magnificent 46 feet long, reaching up to 10 feet high. The Enlightenment Buddha Statue towers up to 20 feet high and is 10 feet wide; the Wheel of Dharma Buddha Statue is 25 feet high, 12 feet wide and weighs in at 245,000 pounds; and the Maitreya Bodhisattva is 14 feet high and 10 feet wide.

Please note that it is considered highly disrespectful to climb on the statues so please respect from the ground.  We are not publicly giving the name nor directions to this spot as we have learned in the past that some people do not come to these places with respect.  For instance, once we gave directions to the Buddhist statue at Buddha's Peak, someone bashed poor Buddha's head off!

Personal Experience: It still floors me that there are still so many undiscovered beauties that lay within our city.  This is a place for quiet meditation, inner reflection and healing.  Please come and leave with nothing but respect.  Directions on how to visit will only be given to our members.

An old, dusty road is where this place of healing sits:

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