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The Cemetery

This late-19th-century cemetery lays on top of a hill. There is a modern chain-link fence around it, and a tombstone that appears to be mid-to-late-20th-century giving five names and no further information:

Eliza A. Casky
Mary Winfree Campbell
Rev. Michal O. Smith
Michal O. Smith, Jr.
Nora Scroggs

Those buried here were pioneers who came from Kentucky in 1884 and built a house they named Longview. The cemetery is named for Rev. Michal Smith, who owned this part of the land and is buried here. The last burial was that of his sister, Nora Scroggs, who died "at the end of the 1800s." .

The Homestead

A small hike will take you to the homestead ruins that once housed those who are buried in the Smith cemetery. The house was built in the late 1880's and was known as the Winfrey/Smith homestead up until 1908 when it was burned down by apparent bank robbers! The home got its name "Longview" because of the endless view of sprawling hills, which was literally a long view.

In 1913 a man name Joe Sylvester purchased the property and owned it until 1940. It has since been known as the Swanner Ranch, which was allegedly named after a man named Charles Swanner who was an attorney that purchased the property after Sylvester. Okay then!

The grave site is fenced off with a small plaque with the names of those interred within:

Beautiful, rolling hills behind.  It is out yonder where the homestead lays!

On our way to the Longview ruins, we came upon some other ruins maybe 100 yards away. I really wish I knew the story on it!

And here is the main home we were looking for:

THEN, my partner noticed something on top of the chimney. He said "Is that a model plane?" Sure enough it was! I asked the people of facebook how old they thought it was and here is a great response I got: "1950-1959 turboprop judging by the tail. Great find!!!! Bigger than a dc-3. Canada had a large turbo prop… haha all those years making plane models paid off." Works for me. How cool!

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