Dog-Friendly: No   Kid-Friendly: Older kids, yes, but only during extreme low tide

The White Lady Cave got its name after a tragic incident  involving a young lady named Mrs. Hathaway.  The incident is believed to have

happened in the 1800's while Hathaway and her husband were collecting sea shells on their honeymoon.

Hathaway ventured into the cave while the tide was quickly swelling up and sadly did not get out in time. The waves swept her out to sea and she was never seen again. Let this be a stiff reminder of the power of the sea and the importance of common safety precautions while exploring seacaves.

Although her body was never found, her brother claimed to see the image of his sister in the cave where she was swept away while searching for her. He said she was wearing her wedding gown and an orange wreath in her hair.

Shockingly, the cave entrance appeared to have taken on her shape!  The outline does not quite look like what it used to from what I saw when visiting. Thankfully there are vintage photos to show that it truly did look similar to the outline of a woman.

Personal Experience: The White Lady Cave is one of the largest sea caves in San Diego that can be accessed by foot.  It is definitely one of the most impressive caves we have in my opinion.  The cave has such a small time slot for when it can be visited though so make sure to check the tide chart for when it's in the negatives.

If sea-caving is your thing, another great cave to explore can be found on this page. Beyond the cave, there are also tidepools which are filled with an entire world of wonders!  We saw sea hares and even an octopus when we visited!  If you cannot make it to the White Lady Cave during low tide, visit the Sunny Jim Cave nearby that can be accessed during all tide hours.

None of the photos I took can do justice to the enormity of the cave.  It is something that must be experienced in person. Along our journey we came across a few other sea caves.  This one looks to be sealed by the city.  Wonder what it looks like inside:

Many great tidepools along the way!

An adorable sea hare!

We even saw an octopus!


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