Top 5 Haunted Spots of San Diego

Hidden SD loves all things creepy and in fact, a large chunk of why this website even exists is from exploring spooky, haunted spots long before this site was conspired! In celebration of all things creepy, I thought I’d put together my top 5 favorite haunted spots in San Diego that seem to have the thickest energy. I do want to add that not everyone is sensitive to energy. If you think it’s all a bunch of hooey, you’re probably one of them! 😉

Hotel del Coronado

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I love all things old, especially when they’re tied in with a rich history. Hotel Del is just that. This spot is brimming with stories from the rich (almost every president has visited here at least once since the hotel first opened) to the famous (Marilyn Monroe shot scenes of her movie 'Some Like it Hot' here) and of course there are a few tragedies including murder and suicide. We just enjoy soaking in the energy, looking at all the old details and architecture and getting lost in the hallways. We had a strange incident here that may or may not be able to be explained. You can read that on our page.

Harmony Grove/Questhaven/Elfin Forest

I am lumping 5 spots together because they are all in the same area.  El Fín in Spanish translates to 'The End'.  You’ve also got Spooks Canyon in this area, Harmony Grove, Questhaven and more intriguing names all in a town (Escondido) that means ‘The Hidden’ when translated. Even further, before Escondido got its name, it was called Rincon del Diablo which translates to the Devil’s Corner.  Just too unreal!  This whole area really lives up to its name.  There is just so much strange activity that goes on out here.  I’m not trying to list stories but there are many.  Do your research on this area and a lot will pop up.  It’s not all fluff, trust me.

Harmony Grove Spiritualist Center: A large chunk of this land burned down in the 2014 Cocos fire which is so heartbreaking.  The fire occurred right before their 120 year anniversary I believe.  This is a legitimate psychic village complete with a séance room and monthly psychic fairs.  Pretty cool. Everyone I’ve talked to has been incredibly kind and welcoming (so long as you visit during regular hours).  They speak of seeing native American spirits and used to see the infamous white witch, though say it’s been years since she’s appeared.  They assume she finally found the light. See page here.

Harmony Grove: Harmony Grove in general has a thick energy that can be quite intoxicating to those lured in by this type of thing.  We have spent countless hours out here during the day and night, just poking around.  This is when I was younger though.  I now realize that it is not okay to enter private property even if it is literally just a canyon or hill.  You piss the wrong people off and you can get in HUGE trouble and sometimes the reprimanding is not legal if you catch my drift. See page here.

Questhaven Retreat: If you want to feel like you’ve entered a time warp then head out here.  The retreat is pretty darn eerie, though like the spiritualist retreat, everyone I have encountered here has been nothing but kind.  They enjoy their privacy so please don’t come here just to snoop around.  If you have a genuine interest in the retreat then you can attend their church on Sunday or perhaps make an appointment to stay in one of their cabins through their website.  I’ve always wanted to stay here.  One of these nights! See page here.

Questhaven Rd.: I have had a lot of things happen to me out here when I was younger.  Much of it was during explorations in areas that we weren’t supposed to be in so I am going to refrain from writing about them.  In a nutshell, it is a very, very strange area and one gathers guests are not too welcome out here!  We’ve hiked here at night and all did not end well.  I’ll leave that one as just a memory for now. See page here 

Elfin Forest: The Elfin Forest is not only great for hiking, but also for delving deeper into the mysteries that surround this area. Like its popular neighboring communities, the Elfin Forest is rumored to be extremely haunted with hundreds, if not thousands, of stories and sightings to back up this claim.

The most popular myth is about the white witch. As the story goes, her husband and son were murdered out here a long time ago. Rumour has is she is still looking for her family, or possibly the person who murdered them. If you speak to the people at the Harmony Grove Spiritual Center, which is the area's psychic village, they say that she finally found the light many years ago. They used to see her regularly but haven't seen her for years. There are also stories of the Northern Diegueno Indians haunting these grounds. Upon hiking, if you're lucky enough, you may come across mortars, metates, pictographs, and petroglyphs. See page here.


Old Town & Presidio Park

Visit San Diego's most beautiful Victorian homes located in Old Town

Just like above, I am lumping all these spots together too because they are all next to each other.

Whaley House: The first strange “supernatural” experience I ever had was inside the Whaley House.  It happened to me when I was a child and before they glassed the rooms off.  I wrote about the whole experience on the page so check It out!  The Whaley House used to be where the town held executions and multiple family members died in here. A curse perhaps? See page here.

Heritage Park: This is another area where I had a strange experience, capturing green orbs on my camera.  I must have taken 20 photos and the orb would move around, just glowing!  I love visiting this place at night.  These homes are so gorgeous and the spirit world is definitely happily planted around here. See page here.

El Campo Santo Cemetery: A disturbed graveyard with some of the tombs being removed, a road being built over them and now only grave markers remaining.  How rude!  This is another great spot to visit at night, when most people have left and you can just meditate, channel or do whatever else you enjoy doing when attempting to communicate with the other side. See page here.

Old Town: I have so many different spots listed for Old Town that I recommend just scoping out the Old Town section on my website here and try to visit as many spots as you can!  This is the birthplace of San Diego, right below where a famous battle was held, where the executions used to be held for the city and plenty of other darkness that has helped shape this area to what it is today.   Explore at night when there are less people if you’re attempting to feel out anything.

Presidio Park: This area is filled with ruins and historical remnants from the past.  It also has a questionable hut with a pentagram built out of bricks on the roof (with a dark red, mysterious stain in the center), old bunkers from a battle, plenty of fun, creepy hiking trails (do NOT go at night) murder scenes and more.  Scope this area out during the day and you will see how interesting it is! See page here.



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Julian has a rich history surrounding the California gold rush. There are many secret mines still tucked away in the hills out here. The mining days were rough though and many people did not make it out of this period alive. Illness, fatal injuries and murder were not uncommon. You can visit many of the pioneers at the Old Pioneer Cemetery. Make sure to grab an apple pie and cider from the Julian Pie Company shop too. DELISH! Man, I could wish I could just LIVE out in Julian every autumn! It never gets old!


Pioneer Park

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An old cemetery where the tombs were removed but the graves remain. That Is a recipe for some serious haunting! While the children play in the park and families picnic, check out the southeast section of the park for a list of all the names interred below and a row of tombs that were saved in this graveyard’s memory! Like always, visit at night for spooky fun but go in a group as this area is not safe to visit alone!

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