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Blue Lagoon Retreat

After doing a contest with Rental with a View on our Instagram page I just knew we had to experience their Blue Lagoon property for ourselves. A luxury staycation without a hefty mortgage or crazy rent tag sounds good to me! This property is super-spacious with an extra studio (which can be added on as an upgrade). The studio is […]

The Knotstop

The Knotstop is a professional massage and skincare spa boutique located in the heart of Hillcrest.  The first the time I entered their shop I was really taken back by how aesthetically pleasing it is. They have a lovely boutique at the front with many carefully-curated items to admire and purchase such as candles, skincare supplies and accessories.  I loved […]

Calcite Mine Slot Canyon

Article and photos by Shane Gundelfinger:  I love slot canyons. The slittier the better. The Anza Borrego desert is full of them, but they usually require high clearance and four wheel/all-wheel drive to safely access. My car has unfortunately learned its lesson from vast ventures to not trespass these conditions. So after a healthy session of scrutinizing Google Maps’ satellite […]

Neighborhood Walk: Mission Hills

**If you are a business located in Mission Hills and would like to be included in this article, please get in touch with us!!** Article by Danielle Berkeley: This new section on our website is dedicated to local neighborhoods—from rural to ethnic to cul-de-sacs, historic, and pedestrian. These are the hot spots that until you actually live here, you would […]

Magic Mountain Airbnb

**Check out our list of all hidden gems in Jacumba!** The property in which the Magic Mountain Airbnb lays has become a very special place to us.  I have been visiting this property for around 8 years now and the same magic we experienced the first time visiting still remains. Thank you to Kirk (Ayakel Jaguar Quetzalcoatl) and Twila for once again […]

Christmas Light Displays

1. BALBOA PARK  Jungle Bells at the San Diego Zoo. **Not happening this year because of Covid**Celebration of Lights and Carol of the Jungle Bells light experiences, Twinkle Light Trolley and live entertainment. Dec. 4-6, 11-23, 25-31; 9 am-8 pm (until 5 pm Dec. 24).. 619-231-1515. www.sandiegozoo.org 2. BANKERS HILL Luminaria: Trees, lamp posts, roofs and courtyards all decorated with lights. […]

Waterfall 6

I found out about this waterfall one day while scouring google satellite.  It was clearly a waterfall, raging in the image, and immediately added to my list of spots to explore. The hike is truly stunning and will take you through an alleged haunted forest.  This is also part of the historic Butterfield stage coach route which wound along the […]

Eco Boat Rentals

**Check out our list of all hidden gems in Point Loma!** Eco Boat Rentals is a fun pedal boat rental located in Point Loma.  Eco Boats was founded after the realization that San Diego’s bay had a lot of plastic floating in the ocean.  The owners desired a way to help keep our oceans clean so got a couple of […]

Halloween Homes: Bressi Ranch

Peppertree Way. Carlsbad, CA 92009 Dog-Friendly: Yes  Kid-Friendly: Yes There are multiple streets filled with Halloween decorations so drive around! **If you are into neighborhoods that get festive, make sure to check out our list of Christmas Light displays in San Diego!** Halloween season is alive and kickin'! Even if you feel uncomfortable walking around and want to practice social distancing, neighborhoods [...]

Dos Picos Park

Day-use Hours: 9:30 a.m. to sunset, daily. Camping hours are 24 hours/day, 7 days per week. Parking is $3 Dos Picos Park, translated to “Two Peaks” got its name from two distinct peaks nearby. The park, located in Ramona, is home to a beautiful oak grove, some of the trees being over 300 years old!  There is a campground here […]

Haunted Hallows in Fallbrook

  If you are into neighborhoods that get festive, make sure to check out our list of Christmas Light displays in San Diego!   I cannot BELIEVE I had never heard of this residential haunted house in Fallbrook before.  It’s been around for 5 years now and is pretty much blowing all competition out of the water.  Yes, it can […]

Halloween Homes: Harmony Grove

If you are into neighborhoods that get festive, make sure to check out our list of Christmas Light displays in San Diego! There are many neighborhoods in San Diego that go ALL out for Christmas which are a ton of fun to visit. Last year we explored the neighborhood at Harmony Grove Village to see all the homes that were […]

Lucy Evans Lauren Memorial Garden

**CHECK OUT OUR LIST OF ALL HIDDEN GEMS IN POINT LOMA** The scenic Lucy Evans Lauren Memorial Garden is a public garden located in Point Loma.  This garden was a sweet testimonial from a loving husband to his late wife. The husband, George Lauren, passed away himself in 2004.  He was a well-respected ophthalmologist, philanthropist and active member of the […]

Friendship Park


Briercrest Park

9001 Wakarusa St. La Mesa, CA 91942 32.781324, -117.002786 Dog-Friendly: Tes  Kid-Friendly: Yes 619-667-1307 Website Briercrest Park is a small yet lovely park located near the Grossmont Healthcare Center in La Mesa.  I was originally drawn towards this park when I learned that James Hubbell and the Hubbell & Hubbell architecture studio had designed multiple features in the park including a mosaic [...]

Vineyard Hacienda


Cemetery 1

Deep in the mountains of San Diego’s back-country lays a little slice of forgotten history: a small memorial/gravesite for 6 early pioneers. The bodies have since been exhumed and now lay in a private graveyard in Campo.  The memorial remains though.  The families who were buried here once called this beautiful area home where they raised livestock and lived the […]

Highland Valley Trail

12425 Highland Valley Rd San Diego, CA 92128 33.052568, -117.065715 Dog-Friendly: Yes   Kid-Friendly: Yes Hike: 4 miles out and back    Level: Easy Open from sunrise to sunset   Highland Valley Trail sits right across from an historic battle site called Mule Hill.  More on that another day though. This area is lush and has both shaded and non-shaded areas along the hike. Most of [...]

Bio-Tique Wellness

HOURS: Mon-Thurs 10am-7pm / Fri 10am-5pm / 11am-3pm / Sunday CLOSED About: The story of how Bio-Tique Wellness came to be is pretty inspiring.  Co-owner, Joe Brown, was diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma in 2005.  He chose traditional western treatments which included chemotherapy and radiation.  With the support of his family, he was able to beat the cancer in a year.  […]

Los Jilgueros Preserve

S Mission Rd. Fallbrook, CA 92028 33.048820, -117.295465 Dog-Friendly: Yes   Kid-Friendly: Yes 33.35376, -117.245364 Website Los Jilgueros Preserve is a 46-acre nature preserve located in Fallbrook. The preserve was once an orchard and farmland before being purchased by the Fallbrook Land Conservancy.  During your hike, you will most likely see some of the old farm equipment still laying around off trail. The [...]

Dave’s Rock Garden

200-298 B St. Encinitas, CA 92024 33.048820, -117.295465 Dog-Friendly: Yes   Kid-Friendly: Yes Dave's email: [email protected]   Frustrated with an empty lot next to his house that was constantly filled with trash, Encinitas resident Dave Dean decided to take matters into his own hands. Since 2015, Dean has worked tirelessly to transform this coastal plot of land from a neglected dirt lot into [...]

Ricardo Breceda Art Gallery

If you’ve ever visited the Anza Borrego Desert, you have quite likely seen the magnificent, metal sculptures that are scattered across the desert floor. From huge mammoths, to dragons and giant sloths, the desert quickly becomes an enchanting land with over 130 sculptures of both ancient and mythological beasts. The artist behind these sculptures is Ricardo Breceda, who has been […]

Burnt Rancheria Glamping

From Alter Experience’s website: Welcome to Alter Experiences & thank you for supporting our efforts towards sustainable tourism development in San Diego. By visiting Alter Experiences LLC & the Central Mountain region, you’re already making a positive environmental choice in destination. We need the help of our visitors to conserve and protect the natural resources of the region. We have multiple […]


High up in the hills of San Diego County quietly sits a piece of eroding history dating back to WWII. The year was 1942, and paranoia had risen across the country about a possible Japanese invasion. To prepare, the army acquired 3570 acres of land and built a campsite and concrete bunkers, with coastal views to catch early attacks. The […]

Valley of the Moon

Note: Unless you have 4-wheel drive, you will have to hike into the Valley of the Moon which is a couple miles up hill.  Hike in cooler weather, wear good shoes and pace yourself and you should be fine. When most think of a boulderer’s paradise in So-Cal, places like Bishop, Mt. Baldy and Joshua Tree probably come to mind.  Many […]

Valley Center’s Yellow Brick Rd.

    A couple of years ago we did an article about the ‘Wizard of Oz’ author Frank L. Baum and his ties to Coronado.  It turns out that the author spent many summers here, writing his Oz series and even cites the beautiful town as his inspiration behind the books! The house in which he wrote the novels is still standing today. […]

La Jolla Natural Park

  CHECK OUT OUR GUIDE ON ALL THE HIDDEN GEMS IN LA JOLLA FOR AN AMAZING DAY TRIP! The hills of Mt. Soledad have proven to hold countless hidden gems.  Beyond the massive homes of some of the city’s wealthiest people, troll bridges and even a munchkin house, one of the greatest reasons to visit Mt. Soledad is for the views. Driving […]

Liberty Arising

From their website: Liberty Arising was established in 1994 as a retreat center for the New Being Project School of Yoga. Currently the land and facilities are being offered to host yoga retreats and events of all kinds through all traditions and lineages. The majestic 165 acre property has been host to many spiritual lineages, including masters of the Hatha, Kundalini, […]

Lopez House

The Lopez House is part of our members section Dog Friendly: No   Kid-Friendly: No   Located in one of San Diego’s few untouched preserves lays a bit of the city’s early history: the Lopez House.  The backstory begins with Ignacio Lopez, an early pioneer in San Diego and part of a once influential family.  Ignacio was a leatherjacket soldier and stationed […]

Sunset Trail to Laguna Meadows


Raised by Wolves

  CHECK OUT OUR GUIDE ON ALL THE HIDDEN GEMS IN LA JOLLA FOR AN AMAZING DAY TRIP! I absolutely love speakeasies.  They’re pretty much Hidden San Diego’s trademark bars, being that they are tucked away from view. Some of the other speakeasies we have visited at this point are the Noble Experiment, Realm of 52 Remedies and the Grass Skirt.  You’re […]


Kwaaymii Point has one of the most beautiful viewpoints in San Diego! Popular with hikers and hanggliders alike, visit the backcountry of San Diego!

Ho Chi Minh Trail

Hike La Jolla’s Ho Chi Minh trail, one of San Diego’s most dangerous but beautiful trails


Explore the Half Moon Tunnel, one of San Diego’s best underground tunnels!

Goat Canyon Trestle

Hike the historic Goat Canyon Trestle

Elfin Forest

Visit one of San Diego’s haunted forest, rich in folk lore and magic


Hidden in the hills of San Diego lays a small hole that opens up into a 3-room cave. It is said it was originally dug out by a homeless man


Explore one of San Diego’s abandoned historic homesteads tucked away in an overgrown and forgotten field.

Color Trails

Over time we have begun stumbling upon beautiful, painted paths across the city. I wish there were more places like these to appreciate. People dedicating their time and money to make otherwise drab pathways  into beaming trails of color and beauty. These specific spots are being locked under our members section to help protect them from vandalism. One color path […]


The abandoned Champagne Rancho House was once owned by a prominent breeder of quarter horses. It later burned down in a fire and sits rotting since.


Explore one of the old wagon trails in Lake Hodges, owned by the Carroll brothers


Black Mountain Mine is an abandoned arsenic mine used in the early 1900’s. Now deemed unsafe for visit, the surrounding area is still cool to explore!


Visit the ancient mud caves located in the San Diego desert. You will feel like you have transported to another planet!

Abandoned Homes of Hellhole Canyon

Explore a creepy abandoned commune in the hills of San Diego. The abandoned homes of hellhole canyon leave many tales untold.


Tucked away off a busy road lays the foundation of an abandoned masonic lodge. Beautiful details embedded into the foundation make this a neat place to explore!


Hike to an abandoned glamping resort and historical dam in San Diego, only a stone’s throw away from the rest of the world


Get a glimpse into San Diego’s underworld! The Alvarado Tunnel is one of the city’s widest tunnels making it great to explore!


Explore the Warlock mine out in the backcountry of San Diego! This area is filled with old mining history from the Gold Rush days!


The White Lady Cave got its name after a tragic incident in the 1800’s involving a young lady who was swept out to sea.

Stairway to the Sun

Catch the best seat in the house to watch the sunset at Stairway to the Sun!


Visit one of San Diego’s creepiest tunnels, the Specter Tunnel!

Secret Pyramids of Scripps Ranch

Hidden in the woods of Scripps Ranch are said to lay 7 mysterious pyramids. We have found 3 of them so far and are still searching for the others!

San Diego Flume

The search for water is a story as old as San Diego itself. As the city grew in area and population toward the end of the 19th century, well water became inadequate for irrigation. To create a dependable water source, engineers dammed the San Diego River in the mountains 35 miles east of the city and formed Cuyamaca Lake. That […]


Salt Falls is an easy hike to one of San Diego’s ancient, secret waterfalls!


Rum Runners Cave is a historic smugglers cave on the coast of San Diego that was originally part of an elaborate park called Spalding Park


Rattlesnake Mountain is an historic canyon filled with wildflowers in the springtime, a dam overflowing with water after a good rain & an exlporatory mine!


The legendary Popcorn and Gnome caves offer stunning views of the valley below and an adventure-packed day!


We found two mines near each other but there is a third, larger mine higher up on the hill. It was hot the day we explored and we had people waiting in the car for us so we didn’t bother the climb. I’ve been tipped off that this land is owned by a sheriff but there is a direct trail […]

The Nipple

The Nipple is a hiking destination in San Diego’s to one of the most beautiful panoramic viewpoints the city has to offer!


San Diego has its own magical forest the locals call Narnia, complete with secret swings, tiny caves and a raging creek!

Mushroom Beach

Check out one of San Diego’s most beautiful hidden beaches! The shoreline has mushroom like formations giving it the name Mushroom Beach.


The Moon Song Waterfall is a seasonal waterfall.  The hike is beautiful with many accessible trails nearby and very little elevation.

Murder House

It’s been awhile since we’ve posted a creepy, abandoned compound so I figured it was overdue.  This area reminded me a lot of the Abandoned Homes of Hellhole Canyon, with many strange oddities and unanswered questions. This adventure should only be done in the wintertime when the snakes are laying low.  The shrub is overgrown everywhere and this could be […]


The MacVane House was built in the late 1800’s & was burned down by an arsonist who also happened to be a volunteer firefighter on the scene!


Hike to one of the prettiest panoramic views to a large rock with two chair cemented to it, earning its name Lover’s Peak

Lake Hodges Dam

Lake Hodges Dam is a multiple-arch dam that sits on the San Dieguito River. This is an amazing adventure and place to hike around!

Lawrence Welk Caves

Come explore the Lawrence Welk Caves, these are some of the coolest talus caves in San Diego!

Oceanside’s Heritage Park

Oceanside’s Heritage Park is a representation of what the area looked like over a century ago. The park was created in the 1970’s as part of the nation’s bicentennial celebration and is open to the public with several museums and a beautiful gazebo perfect for events. The historic buildings featured here were relocated from various parts of Oceanside.  San Diego […]

Anza Borrego Slot Canyon

The Anza Borrego Desert is actually the largest state park in California, with over 600,000 acres to explore & 500 miles of dirt roads. What appears to be barren land to the untrained eye, is actually a land rich with treasures that require going a little off the paved path to find.  One of those treasures is the majestic slot […]

Chi Wellness & Holistic Dentistry

Smile Haven Dentistry: Located in La Mesa are a husband and wife duo running some very unique businesses. The husband, Dr. Chan, specializes in holistic, whole body health dentistry. His approach studies the health of your mouth while avoiding toxic dental materials which poison the body. Dr. Chan uses no harmful ingredients in his practices such as mercury, fluoride and […]

Kitchen Creek Falls

Kitchen Creek Falls is one of San Diego’s seasonal waterfalls, which is similar in size and characteristics to the Rancho Penasquitos Waterfall. The hike has a gradual climb that leads you into the back-country with beautiful, scenic views. You will eventually hit a small fork in the trail.  Take the fork that leads you back down the hill to find […]

Historic Flume Trail

The Historic Flume Trail is actually a small part of a 37 mile system that was built in the late 1800’s to transport water from Lake Cuyamaca to the El Cajon Valley. We’ve covered another section of the flume on this page. You can read the entire backstory of how the flume came to be on that page. We did […]

High Desert Retreat

**Check out our list of all hidden gems in Jacumba!** A huge thank you to the owners of the High Desert Retreat and Institute of Perception, Q and Twila, for opening their doors to us.  This amazing experience would never have happened without them.  They had this to say about their story, the grounds and how the property has changed, […]

Balboa Desert & Rose Garden

Zoo Pl, San Diego, CA 92104 (619) 525-8213 32.731697, -117.145591 Dog-Friendly: Yes    Kid-Friendly: Yes Website   CHECK OUT OUR GUIDE ON ALL THE HIDDEN GEMS IN BALBOA PARK FOR AN AMAZING DAY TRIP!   The Desert Garden was established at the Park Blvd. location in 1976 and contains more than 1,300 plants, including succulents and drought-resistant plants from around the world, within its 2.5 [...]

Black’s Beach

Visit Black’s Beach, one of the most famous nude beaches in the U.S.!

San Diego Botanic Garden

Explore four miles of garden trails, enjoy restful vistas, flowering trees, majestic palms, and the nation’s largest bamboo collection at the San Diego Botanic Garden.

Visit Warner Springs

Warner Springs is a small unincorporated community in northern San Diego County, California. It is associated with two National Historic Landmarks, the Oak Grove Butterfield Stage Station and Warner’s Ranch, both connected to the Butterfield Overland Mail stagecoach line. It is also near the Palomar Observatory and Warner Springs Ranch. It is also a popular area for Gliding due to […]

Harmony Grove

Drive through Harmony Grove, one of the most haunted places in San Diego!

Fort Rosecrans Cemetery

Fort Rosecrans cemetery honors members of the armed forces features war memorials & water views.

Star of India

Admission: For the (current) price of $15 you get to explore 11 historic ships and for an additional small fee (currently $3) you can also take a guided 45-minute boat tour of the bay area. It was definitely worth the price! Star of India is the world’s oldest active sailing ship. She began her life on the stocks at Ramsey […]

Dixon Lake

“Dixon Lake is located in Escondido and is open year-round. Gates open at 6:00 a.m. daily; park closes at dusk. Night fishing is available during the summer months. Contact Park Ranger at 760-839-4680 for further information. No pets are allowed at this facility. Dixon Lake Night Fishing begins July 11 this year. Bring the family to enjoy the cool night […]

San Diego Peace Garden

Visit the Peace Garden. This is one of San Diego’s greatest community gardens located in City Heights!

La Jolla Secret Swings

Explore the secret swings of La Jolla!

Golden Gem Mine

  Article & Research by Allison Garton: This abandoned UNSAFE mine is so easy to miss that you’ll walk right by it on your first attempt. While others have braved the partially collapsed entrance, others suffer from claustrophia and will never venture past the leaning timbers. Also known as the Big Blue Mine, the Golden Gem Mine is a collection […]

Japanese Friendship Garden

  CHECK OUT OUR GUIDE ON ALL THE HIDDEN GEMS IN BALBOA PARK FOR AN AMAZING DAY TRIP!   NOTE: This garden is free on the 3rd Tuesday of every month if you’re a San Diego resident! The Japanese Friendship Garden in Balboa Park (JFG) is an expression of friendship between San Diego and its sister city, Yokohama. It illustrates two […]

Salk Institute

Visit the prized Salk Institute, known for its photographic architecture, beautiful views of the ocean and honoring Nobel Prize winner Jonas Salk

Cedar Creek Falls

A popular hike in San Diego County, the trail to Cedar Creek Falls is a challenging pathway through backcountry hills and down an exposed canyon to a spectacular waterfall.

Daley Ranch

Hike to one of the earliest pioneer’s homes at Daley Ranch in Escondido

Florida Canyon

  CHECK OUT OUR GUIDE ON ALL THE HIDDEN GEMS IN BALBOA PARK FOR AN AMAZING DAY TRIP!   Florida canyon has been well preserved as what San Diego must have looked like hundreds of years ago. Native shrub such as sage-scrub and other chaparral vegetation will be present throughout your hike. Recently, the park was upgraded to appeal for bicyclists as […]

Marston Canyon & Footbridge

Marston Canyon & Footbridge

Museum of Man

The Museum of Man in Balboa Park is one of San Diego’s oldest and most prestigous museums. Free to San Diego residents the 3rd Tuesday every month.

Seabreeze Organic Farm

Visit Seabreeze Organic Farm, one of San Diego’s my beloved organic farms!

Natural History Museum

Visit the world-famous Natural History Museum in Balboa Park!

Proctor Valley

Legends of a Big-foot type monster have swarmed this area for over 50 years now! Come out to see if the stories are true!

The Noble Experiment

Visit the Noble Experiment, one of San Diego’s coolest speakeasies!

Reuben H. Fleet Science Center

We had SO much fun at the Pause/Play exhibition at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center which encourages people of every age to have fun & play!

Valley Center Historical Society

Learn more about the history of Valley Center at their historical society!

Kate Sessions Park

Get one of the best views in Pacific Beach from Kate Sessions Park!

Ghost Mountain & Marshal House

Visit the ruins of hermit Marshal South’s home on Ghost Mountain in the Anza Borrego Desert

Old Mission Dam

Visit the Old Mission Dam in Mission Trails Regional Park

Midland Tunnel

Explore the underworld in one of Poway’s underworlds, the Midland Tunnel!

Gaslamp Museum

Visit the William Heath Davis House. This is a historical and haunted home in the Gaslamp District

Poway Stage Coach Stop

Walk along the oldest road in San Diego, once a stagecoach stop for the 3-day mail delivery from San Diego to Escondido

Miramar Lake

Visit or go fishing at the beautiful Miramar Lake in Scripps Ranch

Meadowbrook Tunnel

Explore one of Poway’s coolest storm drains: the Meadowbrook Tunnel

Three Sisters Falls

Three Sisters Falls is one of San Diego’s most impressive waterfalls, but doesn’t come easy!

Summers Past Farms

summers past farms

Hillcrest Community Acupuncture

Get healed for a fraction of the cost at Hillcrest Community Acupuncture!

Black Mountain Gliderport

The Black Mountain Gliderport is one of San Diego’s historic gliderports that has been used since the 1920’s

Boulder Park

Boulder Park is one of Jacumba’s coolest places to explore filled with rocks carved into animals!

Balboa’s Bridle Trail

  CHECK OUT OUR GUIDE ON ALL THE HIDDEN GEMS IN BALBOA PARK FOR AN AMAZING DAY TRIP! Personal Experience: The Bridle Trail really comes as a surprise if you happen to stumble upon it. Basically being located in the heart of the city, it’s not the type of place you’d expect to come across in this area. This trail is located […]

Calavera Lake’s Cave, Volcano & Labyrinths

CHECK OUT OUR LIST OF ALL HIDDEN GEMS IN CARLSBAD! I bet this may come as a surprise to many, but San Diego has it’s own volcano that was active 15 million years ago! But that is not all. The Lake Calavera area also boasts a lake and dam dating back to the World War II era, multiple stone labyrinths […]

Campo Stone Store Museum

Directions: From San Diego, take Highway 94 east approximately 35 miles. The Campo Stone Store will be on the left (north) side of the highway just past the Campo Trading Post (green building) and just before you cross the railroad tracks. The stone store museum, which we see today, was the result of a raid by border bandits in 1875. […]

Cara Knott Memorial Garden

Visit the San Diego Crime Victims Oak Garden which was started as a tribute to Cara Knott


Explore old, abandoned train carts known as the Carrizo Gorge Railyard in the Jacumba. This is an historic area great for photoshoots.

Tooth Rock

Hike to Tooth Rock, a boulder resembling a giant tooth in Poway!

The Shire

Stay at one of famous designer James Hubbell’s homes in Alpine, named the Shire after its whimsical look!

Palomar Observatory Trail

Take a scenic hike in Palomar Mountain which leads you to the Palomar Observatory!

Sandrock Canyon Trail

Hike one of Serra Mesa’s beautiful trails, Sandrock Canyon!

Mission San Antonio de Pala

Visit Pala’s beautiful Native American cemetery. Here you can also view an historic chapel, garden and museum!

Munchkin House

A mini home in La Jolla is rumored to have been owned by the munchkins from the Wizard of Oz

Morning Star Ranch

Visit Morning Star Ranch, the compound and growing grounds responsible for the wonderful Yellow Deli!

Metate Meadows

Metate Meadows is a lush green wonderland hike in Poway!

Maple Canyon

These photos were taken on several trips from late January to mid April Maple Canyon is not only a fabulous place to witness the spring flowers and greenery, but you will also pass by two historic bridges.  The first bridge you will cross which is also the trailhead and that is the Quince Street trestle: a wooden pedestrian-only footbridge, built […]

Lips Drag Restaurant

Wine & dine at Lips while being entertained by ridiculously talented drag queens!

Lhooq/Exrealism Vintage Bookstore

CHECK OUT OUR LIST OF ALL HIDDEN GEMS IN CARLSBAD! **The city sadly shut this business down but we will be keeping this page up in its memory** Several years ago after attending an art show in Carlsbad, we were heading home when an incredibly interesting building caught my eye. “Turn around!” The place was not open when we stopped […]

Keys Creek Lavender Farms

Visit San Diego’s very own Lavender Farm, located in the back-country of Valley Center!

Lake Hodges Waterfall

Lake Hodges has one of San Diego’s easiest waterfall hikes for all ages!

Lake Hodges

The Lake Hodges we see and know today was actually once a river which was inhabited by indigenous people since at least 7,000 B.C. Ceremonial pictographs are found in this area (well-guarded now due to unfortunate vandalism) and mortars can be found along the shoreline which were used for grinding food.  Much of the plants the Kumeyaay once used can […]

La Jolla Caves, Coves & Tidepools

La Jolla’s coast is a whole new world when the tide goes down!

Palm Canyon

Palm Canyon is a tropical oasis, containing more than 450 palms (58 species) within its 2 acres. A true hidden spot in Balboa Park!

Grape Day Park

Since the early 1930s, Grape Day Park, Escondido’s oldest park, has been the center for community events and activities. Every year from 1908 to 1950, people from as far away as Los Angeles came to celebrate the annual Grape Day Harvest, a major industry in the Escondido valley. The park continues its tradition as the center for community gatherings. It […]

Hotel del Coronado

San Diego land boom: In the mid-1880s, the San Diego region was in the midst of one of its first real estate booms. At that time, it was common for a developer to build a grand hotel as a draw for what would otherwise be a barren landscape. The Hollywood Hotel in Hollywood, California, the Raymond Hotel in Pasadena, the […]

Grant Hotel

Visit the Grant Hotel, one of San Diego’s most historic hotels where many of our presidents have visited and is also rumored to be haunted!

Golden Hill Park

Golden Hill Park

Cuyamaca State Park

Visit Cuyamaca State Park. This is one of San Diego’s mountain towns complete with a lake, cabin rentals and much more!

Giant Grove Trail

The Giant Grove Trail is an enjoyable 1-mile loop loop in Scripps Ranch shaded by eucalyptus trees

Cypress Canyon

There are many secrets that lay in these woods. Cypress Canyon is a green wonderland of hiking trails!

Presidio Park Hiking Trails

Visit the historical Presidio Park, with its rich history, beautiful greenery, old monuments and ruins and even a battlefield!

Coyote’s Flying Saucer Retrievals & Repairs

**Check out our list of all hidden gems in Jacumba!** Personal Experience: After visiting the Desert View Tower & Boulder Park, we were ready to head on down highway 80 to find some good abandoned homes & maybe even some ghost towns! WELL, that quickly changed when we noticed a few flying saucers on the side of the road with […]

Desert View Tower

  **Check out our list of all hidden gems in Jacumba!** Article & Research by Allison Garton: Constructed by Burt Vaughn between 1922 and 1928, the Desert View Tower is an imposing 70-foot tall rock tower that provides an expansive view of the boulder-rific mountains of East San Diego County and the flat reaches of the Imperial County desert from […]

Old Town’s Dia de los Muertos

Día de los Muertos happens once a year, & is a time when the spirits of loved ones who have died return to earth to celebrate with friends and family.

Eichar’s Grave

Visit the grave site of John Eichar, one of San Diego’s earliest pioneers. The location is tucked away in the woods of Rancho Penasquitos.

Exotica Rare Fruit Farm

Visit San Diego’s most unique plant nursery, Exotica Rare Fruit Farm, filled with over 500 varieties of exotic fruits from all around the world!

Phap Vuong Monastery

Visit the Phap Vuong Monastery, one of San Diego’s beautiful Buddhist Monasteries located in Escondido

Old Point Loma Lighthouse

Visit one of San Diego’s oldest and most historic monuments, the Point Loma Lighthouse

Poway Lake & Blue Sky Reserve

Hike one of Poway’s beautiful trails that takes you along Lake Poway and into Blue Sky Reserve

Presidio Park Historical Spots

Explore San Diego’s birth place Presidio Park, filled with old monuments and rumored to be haunted!

Yellow Deli Valley Center

Have a homemade meal at the Yellow Deli in Valley Center, one of the quaintest restaurants in San Diego County!

Rancho Guajome Adobe

Visit the Rancho Guajome Adobe, one of San Diego’s oldest homes, now turned into a museum.

Rancho Penasquitos Adobe

Visit the Rancho Penasquitos Adobe, one of San Diego’s oldest homes, now turned into a museum.

Spanish Village

Spanish Village in Balboa Park is San Diego’s coveted secret for art lovers. Visit artist studios and gawk at the beauty surrounding you!

Santa Ysabel Mission & Cemetery

Standing alone on a hillside in the small town of Santa Ysabel, this 19th century church, museum and cemetery can present a haunted atmosphere.

Abandoned Highway 80

Explore one of San Diego’s ghost town, Old Highway 80! There are a ton of abandoned spots to see!

Alpine Historical Society

Visit the Alpine Historical Society and learn about our great history!

Alta Vista Botanical Garden

Visit the Alta Vista Gardens in Vista. This is one of San Diego’s largest and cheapest botanical gardens!

Barker Valley

Hike Barker Valley Trail, one of Palomar Mountains most scenic trails with a waterfall below!

Hermitage Self-Realization Gardens

Visit the Hermitage Self-Realization Gardens, one of San Diego’s most peaceful meditation gardens

Balboa Botanical Building

Visit Balboa’s historical botanical garden, free to the public!

El Campo Santo Cemetery

Visit El Campo Santo Cemetery, San Diego’s oldest cemetery that is known for its ghostly visitors!

Heritage Park

Visit Heritage Park, San Diego’s most beautiful Victorian homes located in Old Town

Batiquitos Lagoon

Visit the Batiquitos Lagoon in Carlsbad. This is one of San Diego’s lagoons up close and personal with over 600 acres to explore!

Bates Nut Farm

Visit Bate’s Nut Farm, one of San Diego’s most beloved pumpkin patches complete with a petting zoo and fresh, local food goods!

Cabrillo National Monument

This historic lighthouse & Cabrillo national monument offers a storied history & views all the way to Mexico.

St. Francis of Assisi Chapel & Cemetery

Visit the St. Francis of Assisi Chapel & Cemetery, land of the Cupeno Indians and where the Trail of Tears began

Ché Café & Community Garden

Visit the Che Cafe in La Jolla. This is one of San Diego’s historic music venues tucked into the woods of UCSD

Copper Creek Falls & Mine

CHECK OUT OUR LIST OF ALL HIDDEN GEMS IN CARLSBAD! Over a steep hill and into the woods of San Elijo lays the remains of an old dam, some blasted mine shafts and a couple waterfalls.. This area was used to mine copper in the early 1900’s by the Encinitas Mining Company. It is said that the mine was one […]

Cosmopolitan Hotel

Visit the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Old Town. This one of San Diego’s oldest standing buildings, rumored to be haunted!

SS Monte Carlo

Article and photos by Pacificyo Ortiz: This ship is a concrete oil tanker launched in 1921 under a few different names, eventually taking the mantle “SS Monte Carlo” when it became a gambling and prostitution ship off the coast of Coronado in 1932. The ship was anchored 3 miles off Coronado in international waters outside the jurisdiction of local and […]

Seeley Stables

Visit Seeley Stables in Old Town, a museum dedicated to San Diego’s early Stagecoach line

Pioneer Park

Visit one of San Diego’s most haunted spots. Once used as a cemetery for early pioneers has now been turned into a park!

Stonewall Mine

Visit the Stonewall Mine Ruins and old cabin in Cuyamaca for a slice of San Diego’s mountain history!

Sunny Jim Cave

Visit the Sunny Jim Cave in La Jolla, one of San Diego’s historic smuggler’s cave!

Upper Otay Reservoir & Dam

Hike Upper Otay Lake in Chula Vista and explore one of San Diego’s coolest graffiti dams and reservoirs

La Casa de Machado y Stewart Museum

Visit one the Machado y Stewert Museum, one of San Diego’s oldest pioneer homes located in Old Town

Vista’s Yellow Deli

About the Yellow Deli From their Website: Long ago in the old village of Vista an idea sprouted… Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place in this unusually quiet and uncrowded part of Southern California for a pleasant place where we could meet friends and serve good food… So, early in the year of 2003 this property was acquired […]

Harper’s Topiary Garden

Harper’s Topiary Garden was created by a couple who wanted to turn their front yard into a masterful work of art that everyone could enjoy and appreciate. Gawk at over 50 life-sized figurines all trimmed by hand. About fifteen years ago their front garden consisted only of basic shrubs. The owners decided to find a shape for each plant and they […]

Mason Street Schoolhouse

Visit the Mason St. Schoolhouse. This is San Diego’s schoolhouse located in Old Town!

Spruce St. Suspension Bridge

Walk across one of San Diego’s most historic and scariest bridges, the Spruce Street Suspension Bridge!

USS Dolphin Submarine

Explore the Dolphin Submarine in Seaport Village. This is a real submarine in San Diego’s Maritime Museum!

Secrets of UCSD

The secrets of UCSD include talking trees, a 100 ft. bear made out of boulders, a house crashed into a building…..

Santa Margarita Preserve & River

Hike alongside the Santa Margarita river and explore some abandoned homesteads!

The Weir

CHECK OUT OUR GUIDE ON ALL THE HIDDEN GEMS ON PALOMAR MOUNTAIN FOR AN AMAZING DAY TRIP! Check out this amazing list of all the plants that grow on this hike! http://tchester.org/sd/plants/guides/palomar/weir_loop.html Weir Trail to French Valley Trail is a three-mile trail that starts at the Doane Pond parking lot at the same trailhead as Doane Valley nature trail. The trail is […]

Rashelica Winery & Art

Stunning Sculptures at Raschelica Winery makes this one of the most unique wineries in San Diego!

Pacific Southwest Railway Museum

Visit the Pacific Southwest Railway Museum in Campo with the opportunity to get to explore up-close old, retired train carts.

Metta Forest Monastery

Visit the Metta Forest Monastery, one of San Diego’s beautiful Buddhist monasteries, tucked away in the hills of Valley Center

Leo Carrillo Ranch

Visit Leo Carrillo Ranch in Carlasbad. This is the Cisco Kid’s family home and with dozens of free-range peacocks!

Poway Horse Trails

Poway has a lot of secret back-trails that help you shortcut through the town. They tend to be unique, secluded and filled with all sort of hidden gems!

Battle Mountain

Hike Battle Mountain in Rancho Bernardo, which leads you to the cross on the hill off of highway 163

Volcan Mountain

Visit the Volcan Mountain, one of San Diego’s mountain rich in Native American history

Questhaven Rd.

From their website: “With all this mystery surrounding this area, it is also home to a beautiful non-denominational Christian retreat center called Questhaven. “Founded in 1940 by the Reverends Flower and Lawrence Newhouse, it encompasses 640 acres of pristine wilderness inviting the worship and experience of God in a peaceful nature setting. People come from all over the world to this […]

Camino Ruiz Trail

Hike the Camino Ruiz Trail, Mira Mesa’s most beautiful hiking trail that leads you to the PQ Waterfall!

Hissing Hills

  I am not positive, but I believe this *may* be a no-trespassing zone despite a decent amount of people of all ages hiking to the top. There is a no-trespassing sign at the trailhead. If that makes you uncomfortable, this hike is not for you. Personal Experience: The Hissing Hills consists of three main peaks that stretch out like […]

Jack’s Pond

General Information and Features: * Trail connection to Jack’s Pond * Picnic areas * Restrooms & Tot lot * Nature Center * 23 acres (7.31 developed first phase) * Adventure Day Camp at Jack’s Pond Recreation Center Personal Experience: This is a nice family spot or place to walk your dog. Tucked away behind an apartment complex are 23 acres […]

Torrey Pines State Reserve

Hike Torrey Pines, one of San Diego’s most scenic coastal parks.

Bernardo Winery

The Bernardo Winery is the oldest winery in Southern California and is still fully functional as a producing winery. It is also strewn with unique village shops including a coffee shop, salon, an award-winning cafe and the Rancho Bernardo Historical Society. Founded in 1889 on what was a Spanish land grant, 5 partners opened the Winery. With the start of […]

Buddha’s Peak

The Van Dam peak is a modest 1,110 ft. hike to the top. For the most part I would say this is a relatively easy hike, although there are a few areas where the incline goes up quite quickly. You may need to take a breather every once in awhile. During your hike you will probably notice random markers on […]

Coronado Sand Dune’s Secret Message

Find out what the secret message inside Coronado’s huge sand dunes!

A Ship in the Woods

A SHIP IN THE WOODS is a 501(c)3 non-profit art incubator working to engage elevated dialogues in art, science, music and culture based in Southern California. Through diverse curated events, residency program and collaborations, it has become a thriving community of innovative thinkers and supporters.” Personal experience: A Ship in the Woods is an artist residency that holds occasional public […]

Crestridge Ecological Reserve

Hike Crestridge Ecological Reserve. This is one of San Diego’s majestic lands that looks straight out of a Hobbit movie!

Airplane Crash Memorial on Jamacha Ridge

Hike to the historical plane crash memorial Jamacha Ridge . This is a nice hike in the hills of Green Valley, Cuyamaca

Grazin’ Pig Acres Rescue

From their website: “Grazin Pig Acres, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which functions as an animal rescue and sanctuary. We are dedicated to providing a permanent home in a nurturing, safe environment for abused, neglected, abandoned, or unwanted animals, especially pot-bellied pigs. Although we have a variety of animals at the sanctuary including dogs, cats, rabbits, goats, sheep, horses, […]

Mt. Woodson Castle

Visit Mt. Woodson castle in Ramona. This is one of San Diego’s haunted castles!

Eagle Rock

My mind goes wild with the possible legends Eagle Rock must have and how sacred it may have been for tribes long ago. Stories that we will never know. I do know that this rock formation was created by wind and took thousands of years to look like what it does today. What the wind molded is utterly fascinating: an […]

Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association

Visit the Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association. This is a psychic village in Harmony Grove, Escondido

Miramar Tunnel

Explore the Miramar Tunnel. This is one of San Diego’s graffiti tunnels

Kumeyaay Lake & Campground

Kumeyaay Lake is located in Mission Trails Regional Park. The Kumeyaay people were the first people to make extensive use of this land and the surrounding area. Their village was called Senyaweche and sadly, a large part of it is now a golf course and tract homes. The Kumeyaay who lived here are believed to have been part of the […]

Felicita Park

Felicita Park is the site of one of the largest and oldest Native American villages in the county. To this day, grinding holes and other artifacts reveal evidence of the centuries-old community of the Northern Diegueno Indians. In 1867, an Irishman by the name of James McCoy acquired the Bernardo Rancho which included a portion of what is now Felicita […]

Deer Park Monastery

Visit the Deer Park Monastary. This is one of San Diego’s most beautiful Buddhist monasteries tucked into the hills of Escondido

Coronado Dog Beach

Personal Experience: It’s pretty dog-gone adorable at dog beach. Watching all the pups play in the ocean, get sandy faces, attempt to swim, etc. This is a clean and friendly dog beach and free! Even if you don’t have a dog it’s still quite amusing here. This spot is pretty close to the Hotel Del, which is beautiful outside since […]

Adobe Falls

Personal Experience: In my opinion, and especially for San Diego, this is a legitimate waterfall. The scores of graffiti adds an interesting, urban touch which is sad (not only because the graffiti is pretty terrible) but also colorful and slightly surreal. I guess that’s what happens when a waterfall is easily accessible and neighbors a college town. This is one of […]

Dyar House Ruins

Visit the Dyar House ruins. This is one of San Diego’s historical ruins in Cuyamaca.

Cypress Hill

Hike Cypress Hill in Sabre Springs to one of San Diego’s flag mountains with a beautiful view of Poway

Victorian Homes of Golden Hill

victorian homes of golden hill

Galleta Meadows

For those of you whom are art lovers and have not yet ventured out to Galleta Meadows, prepare yourself for a stunning experience unlike anything else in our city. This amazing site is home to nearly 200 metal sculptures depicting prehistoric creatures that once roamed the earth. Keep your eyes peeled because these gigantic installations are scattered across 3,000 acres. […]

Water Conservation Garden

Explore El Cajon’s 5 acre Water Conservation garden, free to the public! Roam around the different sections while educating yourself.

Wat Sovannkiri Buddhist Temple

Visit Wat Sovannkiri Buddhist Temple, one of San Diego’s most beautiful Cambodian Buddhist Temples, located in City Heights

Hoyt Park

Hike in the woods at Hoyt Park. This is one of Scripps Ranch’s many forested trails, shading you with eucalyptus trees.

Doane Valley

Hike Doane Valley, one of Palomar Mountain’s most stunning areas, filled with thick trees, fog and wildlife

Grand Tea Room

The Grand Tea Room in Escondido is a perfect representation of authentic tea houses from the Victorian days.

Palomares House

Visit the historic Palomares House in Fallbrook, one of the oldest homes in Fallbrook!

San Luis Rey Pioneer Cemetery

Visit the San Luis Rey Pioneer Cemetery in Oceanside. This is one of Southern California’s historic pioneer cemeteries and in poor condition.

Tijuana River Valley Regional Park Community Garden

Visit one of San Diego’s most diverse and beautiful community gardens, located in Imperial Beach

Green Valley Falls

Visit the beautiful Green Valley Falls in Cuyamaca. This is a short hike through the mountains and a beauty-packed adventure!

Odd Fellows Cemetery

Visit San Diego’s Oddfellows Cemetery. This is one of Fallbrook’s oldest cemeteries and very unique place to visit.

Oasis Camel Dairy

Visit Oasis Camel Dairy in Ramona. This is San Diego’s very own camel farm!

Chinese Historical District

San Diego’s historic Chinatown, is an eight-block district adjacent to and in part overlapping with the Gaslamp Quarter Historic District.

Hendrix Pond

Hike around the historical Hendrix pond Scripps Ranch! This used to be connected to the Scripps Castle which has since been destroyed.

Hosp Grove

Hike the Hosp Grove, one of Carlsbad’s beautiful nature trails alongside one of San Diegos lagoons

Marian Bear Park (West)

Hike Marian Bear Park, one of Clairemont’s most diverse trails!

San Diego Mission Basilica de Alcalá

Visit the San Diego Mission Basilica de Alcala, San Diego’s oldest mission, founded in 1769

Lemurian Fellowship

Have you ever wondered what that mysterious sign that reads “Lemurian Fellowship” driving up to Ramona was all about? We took the time to dig deeper and find out!

Luelf Pond County Preserve

Hike the Luelf Preserve, one of Ramona’s pretty hiking trails!

Villa Montezuma

Visit one of San Diego’s most haunted Victorian homes. Famous musician Jesse Shepard was known for holding seances inside.

Wat Lao Boubpharam Temple

Visit Wat Lao Boubpharam Temple, one of La Mesa’s beautiful Buddhist temples!

New Roots Community Farm

Visit New Roots Community Farm in City Heights. This is one of San Diego’s largest community gardens!

Nate Harrison Grade

Take the alternative drive to Palomar Mountain on the historical and beautiful Nate Harrison Grade. Learn all about the man that inspired the name.

Indian Flats Campground

Escape the city for a day and head to the beautiful back-country of Warner Springs to Indian Flats Campground

99 Ranch Market

Visit one of San Diego’s largest Asian supermarkets! Located in Clairemony, 99 Ranch Market has a huge variety of Asian goodies!

Salt Mines

Take a unique visit to the Salt Mines in Chula Vista: This is San Diego’s 2nd second-longest running business mining salt from the ocean.

Tecolote Natural Park

Hike Tecolote Park, one of San Diego’s trails rich in Native American culture & history. This is a fun day trail.

Marston House & Garden

  CHECK OUT OUR GUIDE ON ALL THE HIDDEN GEMS IN BALBOA PARK FOR AN AMAZING DAY TRIP!   Who is George Marston?  In 1870 at the young age of 20, George Marston arrived in San Diego where he worked as a clerk at the Horton Grand hotel. Starting in 1872, he clerked for storekeeper Joseph Nash for five years before he […]

San Luis Rey Mission

Visit the San Luis Rey Mission in Oceanside. This is one of Southern California’s historic missions and gorgeous in real life!

Horton Grand Hotel

Visit the Horton Grand Hotel, one of San Diego’s oldest and most historic hotels, rumored to be haunted and located in the Gaslamp District.

Palomar Observatory

Palomar Mountain is one of San Diego’s most diverse mountainscapes! From lush green hiking trails to camping spots, you’ll feel you’re in another city!

Old Adobe Chapel

Visit Old Town’s historic Old Adobe Chapel. This is a historic chapel that is said to be haunted!

House of Pacific Relations International Cottages

Visit Balboa Park’s historic international homes and get a taste of cultures from around the world! The House of Pacific Relations International Cottages.

Old Poway Park

Visit Poway’s historic Old Poway Park. A wonderful place for the entire family with train rides and lots of great events year-round!

San Pasqual Pioneer Cemetery

The San Pasqual indian cemetery is a sacred burial ground for Natives in the surrounding area of these Escondido hills

Mission Trails Regional Park Visitor’s Center

Visit Mission Trails Regional Park’s Visitor Center before heading off on your hike! There are a ton of educational parts of this center.

Butterfly Farm

The butterfly farm in Encinitas is a unique and educational place to connect with nature and witness all stages of a butterfly

Halloween Events

Día de los Muertos happens once a year, & is a time when the spirits of loved ones who have died return to earth to celebrate with friends and family.

Meadowlark Pioneer Memorial Cemetery

CHECK OUT OUR LIST OF ALL HIDDEN GEMS IN CARLSBAD! Just like Pioneer Park in Mission Hills, all is not what it appears to be at this busy intersection.  If you look closely, you will notice a modest memorial for a group of Spanish-colonial pioneers from Ventura & Ojai, CA.  There are 7 people buried here total.  Nearby are two white, wooden crosses within […]

Ocean View Gem Mine & Inn

Ocean View Mine is located in Pala and is one of San Diego’s few operating mines where you can even pan for your own gems!

Lake Ramona

Lake Ramona is definitely one of San Diego’s more hidden lakes, given the hike to getting here is rather long with a steep incline.

Herman’s Farm

Herman’s House is one of San Diego’s historic farm houses in San Diego! Barely standing today, this ranch has had a lot of stories to share!


Visit San Diego’s extraterrestrial school Unarius! This is a spiritual academy that helps you tap into your purpose and past lives!


Perched atop a San Diego hillside are the beginnings of what was to be an elaborate castle, constructed from rock that was quarried on-site

Martian Mountains

Resembling a less populated and untouched Mushroom Caves, this area seems like the perfect set for a sci-fi movie and a great opportunity to step away


Explore some of the few remaining homesteads from the early 1900’s as this field slowly gets destroyed by modern life along with a dam


Many secrets lay tucked away in this San Diego Canyon. Come visit Rattlesnake waterfall & dam! Just one of many treasures out here!


Hike to a rock that looks like a bulldog and caves with a beautiful view! Highland Rock hike is a very unique place to visit!


Hidden in the hills of San Diego lays several old mining prospects that are still littered with quartz crystals all over the area!

Mine 6

Visit the historic Gopher Mine and migrant camp in the backcountry of Julian. This is a beautiful, scenic hike with multiple mines to explore!

Hubbard Mine

Located in Old Banner City, the Hubbard Mine is one of San Diego’s one of the largest mining operations located in the Julian district

Crooked Hill

Fat Man’s Misery is a coastal slot canyon made from sandstone that gives the illusion that you can’t fit yet we have proven that even a 200lb. man can!


The Longview Ruins and cemetery is a historic pioneer home and graveyard that was burned down by robbers in the early 1900’s!

Lake Wohlford Dam

Hike to one of San Diego’s historic dams in Escondido, the Lake Wohlford dam. This is an enjoyable lake to fish and hike around.

Visit Anza Borrego Desert

The Anza Borrego Desert is one of California’s National State Parks in San Diego! It is filled with many great adventures awaiting you!

Sutherland Dam

Explore the historic Sutherland dam in Ramona. Beautiful views of Sutherland Lake and fun adventures await!

Judaic Architectural Graveyard

Hidden in the thick of a forest lays the remains of a dozen judaic art installations. They are slowly decaying unfortunately and in a deep state of disrepair.

McKamey Manor

A legal modern-day torture house in the suburbs of San Diego posing as a haunted house. We got one of the people who’s been through the haunt to tell us some of their secrets

Dinwiddie Preserve

Hike the open-space Dinwiddie Reserve right across from one of the oldest homes in Fallbrook, the Palomares House!

Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum

Visit Vista’s historic gas & steam engine museum! Walk amongst thousands of antique steam engines.

Old Cactus Garden

The historic Old Cactus Garden in Balboa was developed under the direction of Kate Sessions for the 1935 California Pacific International Exposition.

Sikes Adobe Historic Farmstead

Visit Sikes Adobe Historic Farmstead in Escondido, one of Escondido’s early Pioneer homes which has now been turned into a museum

Fallbrook Masonic Cemetery

Visit one of San Diego’s Freemason cemeteries located in Fallbrook.


The Ready Relief mine is one of San Diego’s most successful mines during the Gold Rush days and comes complete with a murder mystery!


Explore the McGinty Mansion, an abandoned compound high up in the hills of San Diego!


Hike to One of San Diego’s Smugglers Caves & Ancient Wind Caves deep in the desert

Sunset Cliff’s Ravines, Caves & Coves

Visit all the amazing ravines, caves and coves in the Sunset Cliffs region!

Rancho Penasquitos Waterfall

Take a beautiful hike in the back-country to a waterfall in Rancho Penasquitos! We’ve got you covered on the directions and tips for a great experience!

Whaley House

The Whaley House in Old Town San Diego is said to be one of the most haunted homes in all of America. We’ve had our own paranormal experience here!

Questhaven Retreat

Follow us behind the infamous Questhaven gates in Escondido. It is said that this is one of the most haunted forests in San Diego

Balboa BMX Bike Trails

  CHECK OUT OUR GUIDE ON ALL THE HIDDEN GEMS IN BALBOA PARK FOR AN AMAZING DAY TRIP!   On the northwest side of the park, at Sixth & Upas, is a gateway into five trails: The 1.5-mile trail goes along tree-lined walkway loops through the north end of the West Mesa area. Type: Level concrete walkways. Difficulty level: Easy. Follow the […]

Eagle & High Peak Mine

The Eagle Mine in Julian was one of the most successful mines in San Diego during the Gold Rush and is now open for tours!

Medea Steam Yacht

Visit this historic Medea Steam Yacht in Seaport Village, built over 100 years ago! Part of the Maritime Museum along the coast of San Diego.

Mount Helix

Mount Helix offers the best panoramic views in La Mesa, check it out!

Chicano Park

Visit one of San Diego’s historic parks located in Logan Heights. Rich in Chicano history and filled with murals underneath the Coronado Bridge!

Scripps Coastal Reserve

Scripps Coastal Reserve is a beautiful hiking destination in La Jolla with a pristine views of the ocean and magnificant mansions

Kuma Bonsai Nursery

Visit Kuma Bonais Nursery in El Cajon, the only full service bonsai nursery in San Diego County!

Institute of Perception

The Institute of Perception in Jacumba is dedicated to the Evolution of the human spirit through the Arts.

World Beat Center

Located in Balboa Park, the World Beat Center aims to present African & Indigenous cultures of the world through Music, Art, Dance, Education & Technology

Centro Cultural de la Raza

A Chicano Community Cultural Center & alternative space in Balboa Park that encourages and facilitated artistic growth and cultural interchange in the San Diego/Tijuana region

La Casa de Estudillo

Visit La Casa de Estudillo in Old Town, one of the oldest and most historic homes in San Diego!

Herb Shoppe

The Herb Shoppe in Normal Heights is one of the oldest & best herb shops in San Diego! Come support this mom and pop shop!

Free Flight Exotic Bird Sanctuary

Visit one of San Diego’s exotic bird sanctuaries, Free Flight Exotic Bird Sanctuary, located in Del Mar!

Double Peak Park

Check out one of San Diego’s best panoramic views located in San Marcos, Double Peak Park!

U.S. Olympic Training Center

Check out San Diego’s very own U.S. training center for Olympic athletes located in Chula Vista!

Berkeley Ferryboat

The Berkeley Ferryboat is a steamboat that was built in 1898 and operated for 60 years on the San Francisco Bay. It is now part of the Maritime Museum.

Mount Soledad

Grab one of San Diego’s most beautiful views atop the luxurious Mount Soledad in La Jolla, California!

Savage Dam

Visit one of San Diego’s most historic dams in Chula Vista, Savage Dam, part of Lower Otay Lake

Lake Wohlford

Visit one of Escondido’s beautiful lakes, Lake Wohlford! Great for fishing and relaxing.

Evan’s Pond

Visit the historic pond Evan’s Pond in Scripps Ranch that once sat on E.W. Scripps’ daughters estate

Carmel Valley Cemetery

Carmel Valley Cemetery in Sorrento Valley is a spot you may drive by everyday and never knew existed!

Sorrento Valley Pet Cemetery

The Sorrento Valley Pet Cemetery is the oldest pet cemetery in San Diego.

Jacob’s Cave

Jacob’s Cave is a secret cave tucked into one of the hills in San Diego. Easy to miss but very cool to visit!

Meadowbrook BMX Trail

There was this one time we searched for some mines out in Poway. I believe the mines were called the Old Hag Quartz Mines. Unfortunately the mines have been filled but this trip was not done in vain because I noticed that their were some pretty awesome BMX bike trails and jumps! So, this page is for the bikers! We […]

Gary’s Record Paradise Vol. II

Gary’s Record Paradise Vol. II in Escondido is San Diego’s most psychedelic record shop!

Little Free Libraries

Check the hundreds of Little Free Libraries throughout each neighborhood of San Diego!

Washington Street Skatepark

Check out San Diego’s most hidden skatepark in Littaly Italy: Washington Street Skatepark! Built by the people for the people.

Kit Carson Park Hiking Trail

Hike one of Escondido’s beautiful and historical forested trails in Kit Carson Park

Queen Califia’s Magical Circle Garden

Tucked away in the woods lays a magical mosaic land!

Visit Little Italy

Little Italy is an authentic Italian neighborhood in San Diego filled with delicious cuisine, beautiful art and thick with culture.

Mushroom House

Explore the Mushroom House, one of the most bizarre homes in America located at the bottom of a nice hike in La Jolla, San Diego

Juniper Canyon Labyrinth & Healing Grounds

Re-charge yourself through a self-guided meditation walk and enjoy the beautiful & colorful grounds while doing so!

Soviet B-39 Submarine

NOTE: For the (current) price of $15 you get to explore 11 historic ships and for an additional small fee (currently $3) you can also take a guided 45-minute boat tour of the bay area. It was definitely worth the price! From Wikipedia: B-39 was a Project 641 (Foxtrot-class) diesel-electric attack submarine of the Soviet Navy. The “B” (actually “Б”) in her […]

Old Pomerado Rd.

Visit one of San Diego’s oldest roads that was once a Native American village and later a stagecoach stop!

Mushroom Caves/Annie’s Canyon

Formerly known as the Mushroom Caves, come explore the ancient slot canyons in Sorrento Beach called Annie’s Canyon!

Julian Pioneer Cemetery

Julian Pioneer Cemetery located in Julian is one of San Diego’s most historic cemeteries

Potato Chip Rock

Do a fun night hike up to Potato Chip Rock and get one of the greatest views around!

Inaja Memorial Park

Visit the Inaja memorial park dedicated to 11 firefighters who lost their lives fighting a fire here in the 1950’s

The Hobbit House

Visit San Diego’s very own hobbit house, hidden in the hills of North County!

Graffiti Shack

Hike to the abandoned Electrical Vault known as the Graffiti Shack on the Mission Beach jetty!

Coronado’s Wizard of Oz Secrets

Learn about some of the secret ties Coronado has with Wizard of Oz author L. Franks Baum

Monument Peak

Monument Peak is one of the highest peaks in San Diego and offers one of the best breath-taking views!

Old California Theater

Come take a look at the inside of the abandoned Old California Theater and what it looks like today

Rancho Buena Vista Adobe

Rancho Buena Vista Adobe is a preserved adobe house & event venue with tours that is allegedly haunted!

Montgomery Waller Park

Silver Wing monument at Montgomery-Waller  is a monument that was dedicated on May 21, 1950, to the pioneering aviation achievement of John J. Montgomery and his early glider flights in the 1880s at Otay, California. Silver Wing monument at Montgomery-Waller Park is a monument that was dedicated on May 21, 1950, to the pioneering aviation achievement of John J. Montgomery […]


Wonderspaces is a pop-up art event in San Diego with a large emphasis on immersive, interactive art with heavy touches of futurism & integrative technology.

French Valley Trail

Hike one of Palomar Mountains easy and beautiful trails in Doane Valley. The French trail is under a mile but packed with beauty!

The Spaceship House

Tucked away in the hills of Del Dios & over-looking Lake Hodges stands the Spaceship House. Come take a look inside!

Iron Mountain

Iron mountain is located in Poway and is the 2nd highest peak in this town.  From the top you get beautiful panoramic views that can be seen all the way to the ocean.

Abandoned Marshall Scotties

Explore one of San Diego’s abandoned amusement parks, now sits like a decaying ghost town.

La Jolla’s Troll Bridges

There are more secrets than meets the eye on Mt Soledad in La Jolla. Learn all about the Troll Bridges and where to find them!

True Rest Float Spa

True Rest Float Spa is a sensory deprivation tank filled with 1,000 lbs of epsom salt and heated to your body’s temperature for a healing experience!

Cuyamaca Peak

Cuyamaca Peak offer stunning panoramic views of San Diego, Mexico, Arizona and San Bernadino!

Alter Experiences Glamping Retreat

From their site: “Our glamping retreat at Fort Cross is a fun outdoor get away with entertainment for the entire family. It’s walking distance from the Julian Station, which features 4 tasting rooms, Mexican food & a game area/arcades for kids. You’re also next to Wynola Pizza & Bistro and Jeremy’s on the Hill. Choose from a variety of libations […]

Cowles Mountain

Hike Cowles Mountain at night and not only have the entire mountain to yourself but be greeted by other-worldly views at the top!

Marian Bear Park East

Hike Marian Bear Park East, one of Clairemont’s most diverse trails!

Cerezo Bluffs

Carlsbad has one of the most picturesque shorelines in all of San Diego and a few hidden caves if you know where to look!

The Heartbreak Hotel

Located in a traditional suburban neighborhood in San Diego is one house that stands FAR out from the rest of them: The ‘Heartbreak Hotel’.

Foster Point

Foster Point is an easy hike in Mount Laguna which offers stunning views of the Anza Borrego Desert and neighboring peaks

Alter Experiences Tree Tents

Alter Experiences offers a camping experience unlike anything you’ve had in propelled tree tents!

San Dieguito County Park

San Dieguito County Park is HUGE with 5 miles of hiking trails, suspension bridges, look-out points, a butterfly garden and so much more!


Located in what feels like the middle of nowhere lay some of the country’s largest Buddhist statues, all created by one lone monk

Lake Morena & Dam

Hike along the aqua-hued Lake Morena to the majestic dam and overlook. This is a great adventure and day trip!

The Heritage Ranch

  ADMISSION: Adults: $6 || Seniors/Kids: $4 || Active military and members: free The Heritage Ranch is home to the San Dieguito Heritage Museum which was founded in 1988.  The museum’s goal is to help preserve the history of Leucadia, Encinitas, Olivenhain, Cardiff, Solana Beach, Del Mar, and Rancho Santa Fe.  You will get the opportunity to  explore several historic homesteads, […]

Sage Winds Farm

Sage Winds Farm is a family-owned farm that grows and sells sage products, homemade tie-dyed clothing and offers camping on their 40 acre land

Warner-Carrillo Ranch House

Get a glimpse into San Diego’s fading history at the Warner-Carrillo Rancho House, once used as a stagecoach stop for the Butterfield Stage Line.

Blu Life Wellness Studio

Chromotherapy is an ancient form of healing using color and heat. Blu Life Wellness Studio carries chormotherapy saunas which packs a huge uplifting punch!

The Grass Skirt

PB has caught onto the secret bar trend with their very own tik-inspired speakeasy. Enter through a freezer in a Poké bar to this tropical wonderland!

Kona Kai Resort & Spa

Visit the Kona Kai Resort & Spa on Shelter Island for an unforgettable experience dipped in luxury and family-friendly beauty!

Modern Maker Market

Get all your homesteading needs at this adorable modernday apothecary in Escondido: Modern Maker Market

Koral’s Tropical Fruit Farm

In memory of Barry Koral of Barry Koral’s Tropical Fruit Farm & Art Museum, located in Vista, CA

Hannah Lee’s Teahouse

Hannah Lee’s Teahouse sits inside an authentic Victorian home in Heritage Square. This block is brimming with history and worth a visit on its own!

Rancho PQ-Trans County Trail

The Rancho Penasquitos-Trans County Trail is great for beginner hikers. With lush, shades trees and wildflowers, this is a delight for the entire family!

Santee Lakes

Santee Lakes has 7 amazing lakes all back to back in San Diego where you can fish, boat, camp, lodge, play, have a wedding or event and so much more!

Doane Pond

The easiest hike in Palomar Mountain will take you to the beautiful Doane Pond, situatied in Doane Valley. Picnic with friends, fish and relax the day away!

Realm of 52 Remedies

Visit Convoy’s new speakeasy, Realm of 52 Remedies, and be transported into magical world of ancient Chinese practices and decor!

Saving Animals Healing Hearts Rescue

Saving Animals & Healing Hearts is an animal sanctuary located in Ramon. This is an animal rescue that is giving a second chance to neglected & abused animals.

Solana Beach Coastal Rail Trail

The Solana Beach Coastal Rail trail is a colorful 1.5 mile walk that will take you across the entire length of the City of Solana Beach!

Cottonwood Grove Park

The recently maintained Cottonwood Grove Park is a beautiful trail that leads you along the San Diego River in Mission Valley.

Hot Springs Mountain

Hot Springs Mountain is the highest peak in San Diego with an elevation of 6,533 feet, which makes it 23 feet higher than Cuyamaca Peak.  Hot Springs Mtn. is located in the Los Coyotes Indian Reservation, band of the Cahuilla and Cupeño Indians, which is one of the more remote reservations in San Diego County. The trail to this peak […]

Balboa’s Trees for Health

Balboa Park has one hidden area that may be healthier than the rest: Trees For Health. Educate yourself on medicinal trees while taking a nature stroll.

JAB Canid Conservation Center

The JAB Canid Education Center is most known for being a fox rescue but they also have prairie dogs and regular dogs as well.


Article written by Allison Garton: Bridge History: The bridge over Santa Ysabel Creek turned 100 this year. I doubt there was a party, hats, or a cake decorated with an image of the innovative Thomas Three-Hinge System bridge. William Thomas of the Thomas & Post design firm in Los Angeles designed three bridges in California with this three-hinge system, and […]

Fry Creek Campground & Trail

Fry Creek Campground & Trail

Carole & Bob’s Secret Garden

We never realize how many secrets are around us at any given day.  Hidden lairs, gardens, underworlds and so much more are hiding right beneath the veil all over town.  It’s my pleasure to slowly reveal these places as I visit them.  The spot featured in this post today is a secret garden in La Mesa, created by one loving […]

Lions, Tigers & Bears

Lions Tigers Bears Hidden San Diego (28)

Dog Beach Memorial Garden

Del Mar Dog Beach Memorial (2)

Encinitas Hippie Homes

encinitas hippie homes hidden san diego

Captain Charles Kenneth Speakeasy

Captain Charles Kenneth Speakeasy (32)

Del Dios Tree House

Del Dios is one of the most charming towns I have found in San Diego.  This is a tight-knit community that lives in a hilly woodside over-looking Lake Hodges. The neighborhood largely consists of artists of various mediums giving it colorful and quirky touches around each corner. Occasionally I like to take evening walks around her and just soak in […]

Chill N Out Cryotherapy

If you follow my posts, you will know that I’m big on holistic healing and giving our bodies the tools needed to regenerate and fight toxic buildup. I like to regularly float in epsom salts and partake in community acupuncture, for instance.  A newer form of healing that I was recently tipped off to was cryotherapy. It sounds insane to […]

Sheriff’s Museum

The Sheriff’s Museum consists of 6800 square feet of exhibit space, covering the entire history of the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department from its inception.

Fletcher Point

[/vc_column] For those that are familiar with Lake Hodges, Fletcher Point is the peninsula with the flag perched on it that can been seen off Del Dios rd. I’ve been dreaming of visiting this spot forever now, although I originally imagined I’d boat there.  Turns out there’s a trail that leads you right to it! We decided to do this […]

La Punta de los Muertos

The Seaport Village that we know of today holds a much darker past, and thousands of people walk right over the grim history every day. Unbeknownst to most lays the city’s oldest graveyard: La Punta de los Muertos (Dead Man’s Point). This place is completely unrelated to the other Dead Man’s Point we have on our site but does share […]

Fort Cross Old Timey Adventures

Purchase their activity package directly through Hidden San Diego! Fort Cross Old Timey adventures offers a ton of fun activities for all ages!  Navigate through their (literal) lilac maze and go from station to station learning about San Diego’s colonial days and different needed skills. Personal Experience: What a blessing to have this kind of business in San Diego!  I feel […]


I do not have any information on this abandoned pump house yet but there is fire evidence which suggests a reason for its abandonment.  Nearby we found slight remains of a homestead and two deep wells.  The wells are easy to miss and off a lightly-beaten path.  It was impossible for me to capture their actual depth but both go […]


It has been more than 80 years since John Funk built this house which was all but destroyed in the 2003 cedar fire. All that remains today is the stone foundation. I feel there is a lot more to explore in this area and have read that there are more stone remnants built by Funk in this vicinity. Another day […]


WATERFALL 3 IS PART OF OUR MEMBERS SECTION Dog-Friendly: Yes    Kid-Friendly: Yes About the stone ruins: I was told that the homestead was built in the 1920s and that the owner was of Llewellyn Iron works. The owner had a horse ranch, raising Thoroughbred race horses. Later the property was sold to the Whitten family, who had Arabian horses and cattle. There was [...]

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Mythoholics Podcast Guest

I was recently a guest on the Mythoholics podcast where I spoke about some of the paranormal experiences I have had in my life. Mythoholics is run by husband and wife duo Sade and Diego Rodriguez.  They cover interesting myths, legends, paranormal stories and unexplained phenomenons. Those are all topics I am very interested in so hopped on the opportunity [...]


Wild & Edible: Sour Fig Ice Plant

**Our Wild & Edible series showcases different wild and edible plants in the San Diego region.  The purpose of this section is to educate the masses about our native plants and their uses.  We feel it is important to have this knowledge in case you are ever stuck in a sticky situation, such as being lost on a hike and […]


Influencer: Anh Pham

  Purchase his book (he said to email him at [email protected] to purchase at the moment)  Instagram This page is part of our “Influencers” section, where I will tell the stories of historic figures of the past as well as present day people who are positively influencing our city. I plan on doing a deep-comb of every person featured and […]


Farewell Jack Murphy Stadium

Article by David Johnson: As this is being written in January of 2021, San Diego Stadium is being torn down in Mission Valley. In its infancy, it was a tangible symbol of San Diego’s evolution from a sleepy border town to an elite world-class city. But the fact that we could neither maintain it properly nor replace it with something […]


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