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Interactive Fox & Wolf Experience

JAB Canid Conservation Center PO BOX 671 SANTA YSABEL, CA 92070 Phone: 760-224-9392 Dog-Friendly: No    Kid-Friendly: Yes Website   Instagram   Facebook JABCECC's mission: Promoting Animal Conservation through Education, Animal Assisted Therapy Programs, and Compassionate Research built upon our Guiding Principles. We accomplish this through educational seminars, meet and greet animal encounters, conducting research to be published in peer reviewed journals, and collaborating with [...]

San Diego’s BLM Protests

Is this a turning point in America? It is a question being asked more and more as people reel from the combined effects of a pandemic, a broken economy and unrest in streets across the country. You can never answer that question in the present; only history will determine if this is a point of major societal change. Those who […]

Favorite San Diego Hikes During COVID-19

The past two months have been a chaotic whirlwind, with updates being made almost daily on what the rules and regulations are in regards to the public’s safety and rights.  We here at Hidden San Diego will always be believers in sunshine and hiking as essential tools for health.  Isolated hiking is also one of our preferences because it helps […]

Ghosts of the Gaslamp Tour

Earlier this week I attended a Ghosts of the Gaslamp Tour at the Gaslamp Museum, located downtown. This is one of the oldest homes in San Diego and is brimming with rich stories and ties to prominent founders of the city, such as Alonzo Horton.  There is definitely an energy here.  Not all have that touch but if you do, I […]

Say Goodbye to Horton Plaza

Article by: David Johnson Once a poster child for the concept of modern urban rebirth, Horton Plaza today has about as much life as the 19th century city father for whom it was named after: Alonzo Horton.  Horton was born in Connecticut in 1813, and was lured west in mid-century by the California gold rush. He moved back east for […]

Wonderspaces 2019

Last night was the preview party for Wonderspaces which officially opens today, June 7th! How lucky we are to have such a unique, interactive exhibition here in San Diego. Photos and words cannot fully describe the experience you will have here as it has so many layers. These photos are only showcasing a handful of the exhibits and keep in mind […]

Ship in the Woods Benefit Show

Here are photos from last night’s A Ship in the Woods benefit show. This is one of the absolute coolest venues we have in San Diego. Tucked away in the woods of Felicita Park, prepare yourself for an immersive and eclectic experience if you ever go to one of their shows! Details of the show: A SHIP IN THE WOODS […]

Music Session at the Hobbit House

Our third music session was held at the Hobbit House (location undisclosed) with musician Jesus Gonzalez.  It was once again filmed by the ridiculously talented Stephen Herron. This has been such an exciting project to be a part of; going to some of my favorite hidden gems in San Diego with different musicians each time and letting them shine their magic […]

Picture Party ‘Art in my Heart’ Event

We had a blast at Picture Party’s ‘Art in my Heart’ event last night! This is an interactive photo booth/pop-up show that includes fabulous performances and even a fashion show! It’s such a great way to network with other models, photographers and artists. Can’t wait for the next event!

Pause/Play Exhibition

We had SO much fun at the new Pause/Play exhibition at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center in Balboa Park. This latest exhibition is geared towards encouraging people of every age to have fun and play– and play we did!  This exhibition opens to the public February 15th, 2019. Check out the video my buddy Pacificyo made on the event!

Hidden SD Feature on CBS 8 News

I recently got the chance to film with CBS Channel 8 News!  We headed down to Presidio Park to check out the historic and abandoned sites and learn a little more about the rich history of the area.  You can read the article they wrote HERE.  

National Geographic Feature

I am SUPER excited to announce that we were selected to be part of National Geographic’s mini series on San Diego called ‘San Diego in the Spotlight’.  This is a 4-part series showcasing the diversity and more unique aspects of San Diego and what makes our city so special!  You can watch our feature Thursday, November 8th at 7pm on […]

Fort Cross Haunted Harvest

Last weekend was definitely a memorable one!  We got to experience the amazing Fort Cross Old Timey Adventures in a whole new light for their Haunted Harvest!  There’s an entirely different tone at night.  Fort Cross is one of the most unique businesses we have in San Diego and is located in the back-country of Julian.  Learn old time skills […]

SITW Fata Morgana Event

This past Saturday we stopped by Ship in the Woods for their latest event: Fata Morgana. Although this was not one of their most elaborate shows, we still got to see some mind-bending art and have fun adventures in their woods.  If you haven’t gone to one of their shows yet and are a fan of art and forests, I […]

Do What You Love Event

Thank you to Heaven Quiban for throwing such a beautiful event last night! ‘Do What You Love’  is an art event held several times a year with back-drop installations for your model photography, artwork by local artists, phenomenal spoken word and music, and empowering vibes through the roof! Can’t wait for the next event! Pacificyo’s cloud installation are the coolest!

Coronado’s Swastika Building

When one thinks of Coronado, sandy beaches, cookie-cut houses and the Hotel Del may come to mind.  One would most likely not think about swastika-shaped buildings on the naval base being a thing, but alas, this is not a myth!   So what is the deal with these buildings? From what I have been able to gather, the architect John […]

Inside the Cabrillo Bridge

If you’ve ever visited downtown San Diego, it’s near impossible to not know about the Cabrillo bridge which takes you through Balboa Park on highway 163.  Aside from the Coronado bridge, I would say this is our most well-known bridge, and rightfully so.  Ever since I saw footage of inside the bridge I have been dying to go inside.  More recently […]

Weirdos & Wine Podcast #2

I recently did another podcast interview with Weirdos & Wine.  Check it out!  Give them a follow on their Instagram & Facebook page too!  

Picture Partay

Yesterday we attended Picturepartay to support Pacificyo and his cloud installation. This event was a lot more than I expected though! It was kind of like a low budget Wonderspaces with different photo booths to take awesome pictures as well as a great fashion show and musical performances afterward. Can’t wait for their next event. Make sure to give them a follow!  

Union Tribune & Channel 10 News Coverage!

We were recently featured on Channel 10 News and also teamed up with the Union Tribune to list our Top 10 “Hidden” Hikes in San Diego!  You can read the article here. At this point we unfortunately don’t have a link to the news segment we did but we took them on a hike to the Bridle Trail.

Broken Hill Instameet

Being new to Instagram myself, I was honored when asked to co-host one of San Diego’s worldwide Instameets. An Instameet is an Instagram meet-up with fellow Instagramers. We decided to hold it at Broken Hill in Torrey Pines since many people do not know this beautiful spot exists. The purpose of an Instagram meet-up is to meet and greet, make […]

Dancing in the Rain

Recently our plans to hike were potentially thwarted by some unexpected rainfall. More often than not, the sight of rain means one is to retreat into the safety of their home. I challenge you to embrace these moments though as some of the most magical experiences can happen when the sky is wet. I’d like to share our adventure last […]


Here are the photos from the Instagram meet-up we helped co-host at the Secret Swings in La Jolla.  Thank you so much to everyone that came out.  There will be more in the future!  You can see photos from other Instagrammers that attended the event HERE.

Tunnel Innovation

Fun stuff to do in tunnels #540: Beatbox jam session! These boys sure have crazy skills though, don’t they?  These were shot in the Midland Tunnel in Poway: You can also breakdance inside!

Poison Oak

Let’s talk about poison oak for a second. Do you know how to identify it? What if you already have it. Do you know what natural remedies actually  work? I would like to start off by saying I am a special breed. I know darn well what poison oak looks like but I still tend to venture into it if the […]

Sunset Cliffs Meet-up

We recently co-hosted a meet-up with So-Cal X. The purpose of this trip was to further explore the ravines and trails of Sunset Cliffs. It’s a whole new world inside those ravines! We had a great variety of explorers of all different ages and many different walks of life. I can’t wait to do another one! Anyway, onto the photos: […]


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