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After being tipped off from multiple sources that certain spots were being disrespected, I have begun getting into the habit of either keeping the special locations private or removing the directions. This obviously upset a lot of people who just wanted to quietly and respectfully explore them. A few people gave the suggestion to have a fee for directions, so I am going to do just that. I am hoping this will help weed out the more disrespectful folks. If you are interested in being part of the Member’s Section, please scroll down.

For those of you who think this is unfair, read below, otherwise scroll down to the ‘How it Works’ section

Besides the obvious reason of minimizing the amount of traffic to these spots, please understand how much time we put into this website. We put in hours upon hours upon hours of our time every week to provide a virtually free website. We have over 400 spots on here for you to explore with directions and photos, with our gas money wasted, paying for this domain because websites are not free to run so everyone can enjoy your life a little more. This website was created with good intentions but it is not free to maintain.

Please understand, I have had residents tell me that they’re having to call the cops DAILY because of people trespassing, littering and being overall douchebags on or near their property. The SD police department has also contacted me because of a huge increase in foot traffic to certain spots.

I have noticed when I return to these places, such as the Abandoned Homes of Hellhole Canyon, they are WAY worse than they were the last time I visited.

I would like to add the two cents one our writers regarding this matter: “We didn’t necessarily have directions, we found most of these spots on our own. Finding clues in books, pouring over Google maps for outlines, HOURS spent researching, fees I’ve paid for parcel maps from the assessor’s office, and not to mention GAS, editing photos and researching the write-ups.”

As you can see, this is a very delicate topic to those of us pouring our hearts and souls into this website. So PLEASE, be thoughtful before you decide to send us a rude response.

I am going to begin posting before and after photos of spots that have begun getting destroyed since we posted them on our site to help everyone understand better the seriousness of this:


The Mushroom Caves went from being in almost pristine condition with few carvings, to filled with graffiti in a matter of a year.  This spot was one of the main reasons we stopped giving directions


The city leveled it within 6 months of us posting it. It had been around since the early 1900’s and is now gone forever.


Buddha’s head was bashed off and he was thrown down the hill after we gave directions to the public


1. Go to the drop down menu below and choose whether you’d like directions to 1, 2 or 3 secret spots OR access to all spots.

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3. When you pay there is a spot to write me a message, please write which spots you want directions to. I will then email you the directions. If you can’t figure out how to add a note, please email me: [email protected] If you pick the access for all spots, pay and you will be given your own individual login code to access spots.

4. Please give up to 24 hours for me to email you the directions. I work (or may be out adventuring for a new spot to add to this site!) and am not always on the computer. I will then send you the coordinates to the spot, written directions and any photos to add clues on how to get there. This will all be done through the email address that you either pay with or message me to email you.

I am trusting you to NOT give out directions to all your friends. If these spots continue to get disrespected I will remove this option altogether. It’s up to all of us to keep these spots alive, clean and around. If these spots create too much traffic, if there are injuries or if there is too much trash, the city can bulldoze them down or seal them up. They’ve done it before.  Spots are already being sealed up, bolted up and torn down by the city because of too much traffic.

There are no refunds once the directions have been given




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