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Briercrest Park is a small yet lovely park located near the Grossmont Healthcare Center in La Mesa.  I was originally drawn towards this park when I learned that James Hubbell and the Hubbell & Hubbell architecture studio had designed multiple features in the park including a mosaic butterfly along one of the pathways, a labyrinth as well as some mosaic pieces on the bathroom walls.

This place ended up exceeding my expectations pretty quickly when I stumbled across five giant wind instruments for the public to tinker with.  The thing about these instruments though is that they play so beautifully!  I can see musicians coming out here to record sound for their albums they are that beautiful.  There is also an herbal "sensory" garden with labels of each plant.

There is a small rock-climbing station and whimsical paths that seem to have more thought than your average playground/park.  I have already visited this park two times now to show different friends.  One day I'd like to come out here with a handful of musicians to watch them shine their magic on the instruments!

Briercrest Park

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1 Review


  • Leah B
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    I live in La Mesa but had never known about this park until reading about it here. (We’ve only been here a year.) It’s so wonderfully designed and triggers a magical whimsy through its design. I took my 3-year-old and baby and had a lovely late morning exploring all the details of this place. We’ll be back again for sure, especially after the weather cools down!

    October 14, 2020

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