Directions: Koral's Fruit farm is open to the public through appointment only. Visitors are welcome though so please give him a call! Otherwise you can catch him at the Hillcrest Farmer's Market every Sunday

760-455-1261 or 760-631-0200

We will be keeping this page up in memory of Barry Koral, owner of Koral's Tropical Fruit Farm & Art Museum.  Barry was a huge proponent of natural health through diet and lifestyle. He was a living example of how implementing careful diet choices can positively influence your life.  Barry was also an international raw fruit broker and distributor, author, motivational speaker and metaphysical artist.

Since the early 2000's, Barry owned and managed Koral's Tropical Fruit Farm with the growing grounds being on his home property.  I was fortunate enough to get to visit his home in 2013 was left feeling deeply uplifted and inspired.

On his property you could find white and black sapotes, cherimoyas, mexican, brazilian and pineapple guavas, fuyu and hachiya persimmons, pomegranates, passion fruit, 8 varieties of figs, 4 varieties of apples, 4 varieties of avocados, 2 varieties of blood oranges, various citrus trees, aloe vera and seasonal vegetable gardens, as well.  He had approximately 175 trees on his under 2 acre parcel.

Every Sunday Barry would load crates of his organic fruit and drive it down to the Hillcrest Farmers Market. Barry was very well-loved and known throughout the market, largely due to his vibrant and larger-than-life personality. He was passionate about his fruit and beliefs and loved inspiring those around him. Even into his 70's he was still built like a horse with the energy level of a teenager.  It was an intoxicating energy.

Personal Experience: I had known about Barry and his farm for several years but never felt the time was right to contact him.  Well, it finally happened.  He and his residency exceeded all of my expectations.  Barry is an incredibly intelligent and talented man who is full of charisma and the knowledge necessary to create a positive shift in our city. I left feeling charged and inspired to take further steps in improving my own health as well as continuing to create beauty in this world.  He emits the type of contagious energy that you ALL should want to soak up!

His home is not only his growing grounds but literally created into a living art space.  Almost every inch is filled with hand-made color.  The details are rich and inspired by his travels and zest for life.  Barry was brimming with life and will be greatly missed by those whose life he touched.

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