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The People Who Started the Movement:

In the beginning—2009–Todd Bol of Hudson, Wisconsin, built a model of a one room schoolhouse as a tribute to his mother, a former school teacher who loved reading. He filled it with books and put it on a post in his front yard. His neighbors and friends loved it. He built several more and gave them away. Each one had a sign that said FREE BOOKS.

Rick Brooks, of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, saw Bol’s do-it-yourself project while they were discussing potential social enterprises. Together, the two saw opportunities to achieve a wide variety of goals for the common good. Each brought different skills to the effort, Bol as a creative craftsman experienced with innovative enterprise models and Brooks as a youth and community development educator with a background in social marketing.

They were inspired by many different ideas:

* Andrew Carnegie’s support of 2,509 free public libraries around the turn of the 19th to 20th century.
* The heroic achievements of Miss Lutie Stearns, a librarian who brought books to nearly 1400 locations in Wisconsin through “traveling little libraries” between 1895 and 1914.
* “Take a book, leave a book” collections in coffee shops and public spaces.
* Neighborhood kiosks, TimeBanking and community gift-sharing networks
* Grassroots empowerment movements in Sri Lanka, India and other countries worldwide.


To promote literacy and the love of reading by building free book exchanges worldwide. To build a sense of community as we share skills, creativity and wisdom across generations.


To build 2,510 Little Free Libraries—as many as Andrew Carnegie—and keep going.*

Key Strategies: Promotion of reading for children, literacy for adults and libraries around the world.


Clairemont: 3314 Karok Ave.
El Cajon: Madra Ave. & 5854 Malvern Ct.
Golden Hill: Fern Street
Mira Mesa: 10444 Cheviot Court
Mission Hills: 2153 Pine St. & 2341 Whitman St.
North Park: 3412 Quince St. & 2263 Pentuckett Ave & 3530 Cooper St.
Old Town: 611 Grandview St.
Point Loma: 3343 Harbor View Dr.

Personal Experience: The Little Free Library is special for so many reasons. I love how each library is crafted differently from all the others and created with an obvious amount of love. This concept is so simple and yet can be so effective if we let it. The purpose is to get us to read and share our books instead of just throwing them out, selling them or letting them collect dust on our bookshelf. You never know what book may change your life!


3314 Karok Ave:


10444 Cheviot Ct.


2153 Pine St.

2341 Whitman St:


3530 Cooper St.

3412 Quince St:


3530 Cooper St.


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