Desert View Rd.
Pine Valley, CA 91962

32.869587, -116.413954

Dog Friendly: Yes   Kid-Friendly: Yes

Hike: 5.5 miles   Level: Moderately easy

Elevation gain: 1000 feet

The hike to Monument Peak will lead you along some fire-damaged areas.  Not the most gorgeous hike of them all but the reward is at the top anyway!

The trail head is at the Desert View Picnic Site. Look for the trail head signs.  You will actually walk along the Pacific Crest Trail for a moment!  There will be a point during your hike where you pass a paved road.  You can either walk up it and get to the peak quicker or walk across it and continue on the dirt path.  We chose to continue on the dirt path.


And here we are!  Monument peak has radio towers at the top, just an FYI.  We visited the peak next to it (5 minute walking distance between the two) during the day then drove back later at night along the paved road to photograph from the true Monument Peak.

The sunset was magnificent!!

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