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At an elevation of 6,000 feet, this spot offers one of the most stunning, if not the most stunning view in San Diego. This is an ideal spot to get away and clear your mind. There is a small .5 mile hike which features live oaks, black oaks and Jeffrey Pines. This short hike is actually part of the Pacific Crest Trail that actually was once an old roadbed that was chisled into the cliff. This was once a very narrow and dangerous drive with a steep drop directly below you.

The Kwaaymii were the most recent Native American inhabitants of this region and were a subtribe of the Kumeyaay Indians.

Personal Experience: I have never seen such a vast, endless mountainscape anywhere in San Diego besides here. It is truly incomparable. Add the historical bridge and Pacific Crest trail and you've got a great place to visit! We went in October and it was pretty darn windy and chilly. I will guarantee that it can get much windier and colder so come prepared to truly appreciate your visit. A beanie would have been great to protect my ears from the wind.

Because of the thousand ft. drop and high winds, this is a popular spot for hang gliders. You will see a tiny "town" below where I'm guessing they're landing. This is also a very dangerous spot for such activities and many small memorials have been created for those who did not have safe landings.

I have been told not all memorials are for hang gliders though. Some are for people who call this place their special spot. You will quickly see why. There's crappy graffiti on the rocks which is such a shame.

I thought it was even against tagger's code to tag on nature. Respect these places so endless generations to come can appreciate them in their natural state!

The drive up here is beautiful:

Once you park, very quickly you will begin seeing memorials of fallen hang gliders and others whom have passed away. This is a place of respect.

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